Coffee Stain Explosion

Starting the un-startable…

Coffee Stain Explosion
This is supposed to be an explosion drawn in coffee… Not a tree…

Deary me…

So I am back blogging (Which for some arbitrary reason the website known for blogging does not use a dictionary for its spell check which has the word ‘blogging’ in it) and I have no idea what is going to come flying out of my brain like a swarm of angry bees, upset over the fact that you have just parked your car a little far onto their side of the driveway… In this analogy the bees are middle-class type people, constantly peering into other peoples lives… Like Aunt Petunia from Harry Potter… Where was I going with this analogy? I forgot…

I have spent a while wanting to do a blog (Again another word which seemingly does not exist in the dictionary) but with no overarching themes, aside from wanting to be a writer, I am a journalist after all (Well sort of, the only thing I can say with any certainty is that I love to write), I have never really gotten around to making one… And so I guess… Here I am.

If we lived in the Wild West there would have probably been tumble weed blowing past there… There certainly was some in my head at the end of that paragraph, and as I am coming to the end of the 300 word limit I have set myself (For now) I will bid you adieu… Have at me internet!

Tumble Weed
This was supposed to be a tumble weed…

Oh and one more thing, I want to write in here (I guess I probably should have lead with that). I want to write a story, a novel if you will as I do not really write anything that is short. Which hopefully someone will read… Not that it would stop me if nobody did.¬†Oh and also I do love to make little drawings… So yeah, expect that too.


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