First leep into mobile blogging… I’m scared!


After missing the opportunity to write a blog for the past two days, firstly as I got in really late on the Tuesday and my brain wasn’t willing to do anything else, then as I ended up talking to my girlfriend (Who is god damn amazing by the way) for nearly five hours on Skype… A little detail I perhaps forgot to mention is that we live nearly 500 miles apart… So yeah… There is that.

Trains seem to be my life at the moment...

Oh… And by the way, this blog is being brought to you by the miraculous invention of mobile phone technology! I downloaded the app a little while ago and have not really gotten around to using it until now…

Anyway, so I have decided to upload three new entries at differing points today. Hopefully at least one of them will be on my computer so I can edit the post properly… As not being able to on this phone is driving me a little do-lally (Points if you can tell me where that word comes from).

Also without a word count it is quite difficult to measure how long this post will be… And picture editing is nowhere as complex as it is on the computer… I should stop complaining as 20 years ago this type of technology was basically only in far off distopian futures in the form of cyberpunk books (A very hard to get right kind of genre). In fact in cyberpunk books why is there always something seriously wrong with society, and I don’t mean wrong like corrupt politicians or idiots. I mean plain old fashioned moustache twirling evil, usually in power of some super big and rich company or some maniacal super-government… Or in the case of Metal Gear Solid, private military contractors.

Where was I? Ah yes… Finishing off this entry! So yeah… Bye!


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