Second blog today… +248exp!

… Silly mobile… Or silly smartphone…

Well my first attempt nearly went perfectly. Unfortunately as inevitable as the tide I had an issue… I cannot upload pictures to be the representation of the blog on the site… I will have to do this tonight, when I get in to use my discombobulating device (Which is a real word despite what WordPress is currently saying about it) also known by everyone as a computer… Or a thingy… Yeah… I might need to start doing stuff you know?

So I am now stood at the train station, waiting for the train to work… And now I am sat in my work lunchroom waiting for my food to digest so I can think about maybe moving at some point… And I still have no idea why my hair has randomly decided to look like a tumble weed of some description…

When you leave so early that it is still dark!

Aside from the appallingly early time with which today has started it has been fun… Despite the fact that I have actually done very little in it.

And for some reason adding that last image I may or may not have just learned how to set an image as the featured image on each of my posts using just my smartphone…

These early blogs seem to be turning into some kind of first attempts at using WordPress more than anything else… Despite the fact that I have used WordPress at least two times in recent history… One of those times was at university where I made a blog called Datavore and it was centred around my obsession with gamification. So it is more a first use if the mobile version!



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