A nice short one…

I will reach the evening time…

With any luck… Pancakes, toast and tea down I no longer have the excuse of just procrastinating… Which implies there is something I should be doing, which is untrue as there is nothing I should be doing… Aside from playing games and- OK I will stop meandering towards a nothing in particular right about now…

I swear if a politicians job is (And I am quoting Yatzee here, well it wasn’t really him who said it but he referenced it) to speak for hours and say nothing at all… Then I would be the worlds greatest politician… Unfortunately my brain reacts weirdly to being in a room full of men, I hate it, I lack the ability to cope in that kind of situation; so ultimately I don’t think I would be a good one ultimately… Where was I?

Ah yes, as I forgot to update again yesterday the responsibility once again falls to today to update three times (And not just twice again).

But at least I have things I would like to talk about, oh and another purpose of this is to find my ‘voice’. If you do not understand what I mean by ‘voice’ then I am really lost and confused as to why you are reading a blog… Very lost… Very confused… MUCH RAINBOW POWER!!!


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