Trains, Dinosaurs and Gymnastics… What else would you need?

Ewwww… The windows on this train are not very pleasant…

Grimey, grimey windows... Grimer? Muk? Too old?

Anyways aside from that ever so slightly gross comment I do believe that I have more to say… And not just about grimey rain soaked train carriages too, I happen to be multi-skilled! Sort of… Well some of the time at least…

Anyway, so yes… I am a gymnast. Well I am a trampolinist really but I also learned gymnastics partly when I was learning trampolining… And as I, along with every other male in the known universe, had long since developed an obsession with parkour, free-running etc, it was fairly inevitable that I would learn these particular sports.

My favourite move is the birani, which looks like something a drunk trampolinist invented. You somersault but half way through you do a half turn and somehow land on your feet facing the other way… I probably should get it recorded one day but for now, here is a picture of a dinosaur in the wild…

It is however (Changing topic at a break neck kind of pace) almost Valentines Day… I would not normally care, or at least celebrate an ‘Anti-Vallentines Day’ where I would dress in a onesie and watch TV all day. But this year I have a girlfriend (Yes I know its hard to believe) and this girlfriend is kind of species to me… Not just because I spent the better part of three years mooning over her.

Anyways I had better stop talking now or I will go over my word count… Not that I have any indicator of such progress.


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