Caffeine helps with everything…

Well… That was silly…

So I started my day by going into the woman’s toilet by accident… So that happened… Then I pretty much inhaled my sausage sandwich which I ordered at work. That was tasty but… As expected I am still hungry…

Well that is probably something that I should tell you about (Vague internet person), I eat everything. Like literally everything. I also say the word ‘but’ a lot.

When I go to buffets I make sure they regret letting me in. But bizarrely I am not fat, like the opposite of fat… I suppose I at least have a reason now for eating so much as I do quite a lot, but before I was just skinny and ate everything… Try to figure that out science!

Anyways moving on from the tastiness of food, I was going to talk about something else but as I am now running out of the space to do so… So I will remember what I was going to talk about in a few moments when I open up a new blog!

Aside from the fact that I am absurdly tired this morning and I am surviving on six and a half hours sleep over the past two nights (Whereas most people can survive on much less for longer periods of time), I am feeling pretty good about today… FATIGUE!!!

Caffeine is required to sustain my powers today...

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