Caffeine… Literally my drug of choice…

That is possibly another subject I should broach…

My relationship with coffee or caffeinated substances of any kind.

My relationship with caffeinated beverages (Calling on my inner Sheldon here) is a deplorable affair in which reason and thought play no part.

Now as a rule, I would never even touch coffee with one-hundred foot long bargepole, mounted on a mountain, in a separate country all together… As I mostly have enough energy to keep up with the most manic ADHD (ADD) obsessed, Ritalin popping, short attention spanned weirdos on the planet… Possibly to do with the fact that this description pretty much applies to me too (Except I have never taken Ritalin)…

Normally, the only beverage with any caffeine in it which I allow past my lips without it turning me into a master of speaking 600 words a minute and my heart to shoot to about 240bpm, is tea… And even the affects of tea (Which I am almost certain I am addicted to right now) are a bit worrying, as I can already feel my heart accelerating… Any faster and I will take flight!

Which reminds me… I really need a brew… And by the way, caffeine will be a repeated theme… As it is beautiful!


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