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Happy fun story time!

Now aside form the above title making me feel incredibly un-easy due to its horrendous grammar (It should have been written ‘Happy, fun story-time!’) but it has been written now, I am committed and must continue!

I will eventually get around to what this blog was, essentially, created for… At some point… In hopefully the not too distant future. Which was somewhere I could write something and the wonderful people of the internet could tell me what you think… Or not, it doesnt really matter, I just need to write somewhere people have the vague possibility of seeing it, so that hopefully you can tell me what you think…

But for now, I am having much more fun chuntering about the most inane and frankly random subject matter, once I have it all out of my system I am fairly certain I will go back to the original purpose of this blog and write my stories (Do not worry, it will be fairly evidently sign-posted… Metaphorically of course) and on very rare occasions I may even return to some form of sense… But I am not counting on it, and to be honest neither should you. *insert a cheesy smiley face* Mind you, what I write will probably not make much sense anyway so this should be fun!

This post will more than likely end up being much longer than my many others which have been published in the past few days, mainly as I have now finally swapped back over to my computer (Which is now connected to my HDTV and looks absolutely amazing, Aspara herself would cry or the Asura’s, possibly both…), but also because limiting myself to 350 to 400 words per day was driving me absolutely bananas and I like writing… Which hopefully fits in with my life long dream.

A bunch of cables
And that looks complicated…

(Discalimer: This next section will side track as I originally started talking about something I looked into a while ago and end up digressing so much it is a little hard to see where I began form the end… You have been warned!)

I have heard of a terrifying thing, so terrifying that it is only whispered in hushed tones, amongst only the most savage of the writing community, Authonomy. This is not an indictment of the thing, quite the opposite, it is an amazing system giving people who would otherwise have no chance of becoming published or known the ability to show their work to publishers. As writing itself is a very introverted sort of thing, most writers do not particularly enjoy scrutiny or the spotlight, which is contradicting I know, but its just a thing that happens I am afraid.

I have tried several times to use this site (Under different pseudonyms each time) but each and every time I felt beyond baffled by the sheer amount of anger and confusion about the way it works. Just because you finally have a forum for your writing does not mean that it will be noticed, other people have to read and like it but even then the publisher has to like what they read too.

I mean I write for fun, I write for pleasure, for the sheer concept of simply creating imaginary worlds and filling them with the most odd and interesting people I can imagine… If I make some money from it then yay, but even if I do not, it is not going to stop me from writing anyway. I love writing, it is a passion of mine that stems back to before I can even remember. The first story I ever wrote, I was around one or two, it was about a Triceratops but unfortunately I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called or what it was about really, all I can remember is that it had a triceratops as that was what I drew on the front cover. The first story I remember writing was a novel version of the film Independence Day which I wrote in year two (Around six years old).

Amazon box
Amazon is amazing…

I have more or less written (Or drawn) every day since then (Excusing for a few months here and there for illness or a new girlfriend etc) and I am now 24… I think I crossed the one-million word mark a long time ago… Even when I was in hospital recovering from my stroke when I was only 17 (Something else I will probably end up going into at some point), when the world literally made no sense and my head could make neither head nor tail of logic, I wrote. I remember one thing I wrote about Rainbow Six, the sentence I wrote made no sense looking back on it now (And even a few weeks later) as it was only about a week after it had happened. It made little to no sense but I think that is when the idea solidified in my head, the idea that I wanted to write for more than just fun. I wanted to touch peoples lives with what I wrote.

You have got to feel the pain that you are trying to write about, know its depths, how it makes you feel, their loss, their happiness, their guilt, their jealousy, everything… So that you can portray it sharply, more real to the person reading it; there is something to be said about reading something based in reality, if not the event then the feelings involved, rather than one completely dreamed up…

I do not know how good or how successful I will be when I write and when (And if) I finally get published, but the stories Iw rite are close to my heart so regardless of their success they will always be important to me. I know that I love writing and if I can make a living from it, then I will count my life as a huge success.

There was a saying a friend of mine put up on Facebook which kind of relates to what I am saying here, but as it is slightly too long to say it in its entirety, this is a taste of what it said:

“Why waste your time doing something professionally which you think you love, to earn a living, than something you know you love as an amateur… Only you have to live with you…”

Ironically though, the poster was about baking and she is a photographer, well an amateur photographer for the moment so I have no idea what it was doing on her page… Although I suppose for the same reason why I enjoyed it so much as well…

1117 words down and I think it might be time to end this now…


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