Tea, glorious tea...

I need to stop talking about tea…

Are we going to do the Time Warp?

There are two jobs in reality (Not really sure if you can have a job which is not in reality? Aside from in your imagination, or if you have gone bananas) which I would love to do… Aside form being a full time professional writer, as I do love to write. The first and naturally most important of these amazing jobs would be a tea taster for a company called Twinings or Tea Pigs, or really just any big tea company, as who would not love to be paid to drink and taste tea for quality purposes? I think I have already mentioned my obsession with tea…

Tea, glorious tea...
And this is just what I have in my room!

Thankfully we live in a world where the job of a tea tester (Or taster I am not too sure on the verb) is a real thing. But close behind it would be a job working for IFLScience, doing a job which does not make what I did for four years at university seem pointless, and that is being a journalist. As what they do all of the time is fascinating, even the little thought experiments they do is interesting. Such as, recently they did a piece on how quickly the Earth would bounce back if human beings suddenly disappeared. Grim sentiment I know but interesting none the less…

I feel a little as though I have lost my brain in all of this digressing, so just to make sure that it is well established that I have a damn short attention span sometimes, here is something I drew in MSPaint:

MSPaint Drawing
Never leave me to my own devices… Or else things like this come into existence…

But more than both of these jobs I want to be a writer. I love writing, and I love telling stories, two of the most major components to any novelist. I will eventually get around to writing my odd novel on here, but for now it is nice to once again have somewhere I can subject the minds of some other people to the madness and almost bizarre sort of entropy my brain goes through every day.

I think in future if I am going to create posts quite that long, hopefully not that long but if they get much bigger than like 500 words then I am going to need to include more pictures in them (As who does not love a good picture?). I think I am also going to make them bigger and put them in the centre of the page, just so they seem as though they should be there and are not mindless little asides… Despite what they may actually be… OK, why did I randomly decide to share with the world my editorial thoughts? As they have no place in this… Meh, that is just how I role!


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