Don’t blame me… I voted for Zul!

(I didn’t really vote for Zul…)

Right today will just end up being a nice quick one… In an effort to apologise for the ridiculous length of the previous one… No the one before that… And I have decided that it will be about a marvellous invention which I had not even known to exist until earlier this very day…

That is the invention of a marvellous creation, know as a Pizookie:

A Pizookie
The Legendary Pizookie!

Look at it! Marvel at its amazing diabetes inducing powers! I did get this for a certain celebration in the next few days which I have, in a fit of making everything sound like some kind of last resort military operation, affectionately named V-Day.

Now I do not normally celebrate V-Day (Patent pending), as I am a smart person or at least I claim to be… And happen to think that if you like someone (Or love someone) you show it everyday and not just on one day of the year when society dictates that you should. As we should all know that things rarely happen with the same power and same meaning if we have that moment arbitrarily dictated to us by some omnipotent power.

As my family names it, V-Day is a ‘Hallmark Holiday’ and linked with St. Valentine in the same way that the eating of chocolate eggs is linked to Jesus’ rise from the dead. Without an actual causal link, just there so we can have a nice boon to the economy… Wow I sound like a miserable so and so… Did I mention that I am doing it this year?


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