Books, coffee and a day off…

Cue the dramatic music again…

Today I have decided that it would be a good day to try (Once again) to read a book called The Eye of the World by a dude called Robert Jordan… I bought this book a while ago and have attempted to read it several times, but every time I get distracted by something shiny and end up doing something else for a while…

Invariably that makes me come back to this exact spot and wonder quite how I wasted all of that time…

I think it is showing its age...

As I have been caught, a little like Sheldon Cooper, being asked to take a holiday from work, and now am currently sat in a coffee shop with a gingerbread latte and the book staring at me, as if daring me to start…

My gingerbread latte does not look like coffee...

It is incredibly tasty however… Where was I? Ah yes!

I went into town and bought a few things for the upcoming holiday type thing… (Is V-Day a holiday actually? I will have to look this up!) And I am naturally kind of ridiculously excited to see a certain person on this day… Well this weekend.

But due to the openness of the internet I know there is a chance, however tiny and improbable it may be that she may accidentally find this and deduce that it is me writing it so I will not share my plans just yet… Maybe soon though.

Now as this blog is being brought to you by the delightful invention of mobile Internet from a cafe, I shall bid you adieu for now!

P.S: No it is not a holiday, well a public holiday at least. I will instead refer to it as a celebration.


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