Empty coffee cup

Silly mortality is silly…

Well I was supposed to post one yesterday…

I got like 80% of my way through my last post and then my brain decided that its energies would be better spent sleeping, I woke up with a keyboard pattern on my cheek and everything! And consequently as it was written yesterday a lot of the language I used would have been confusing as all hell today and lets face it, it was not particularly relevant… But I will probably give it a go to try and remember all of the details in it a little later on… Before my lady arrives…

Yes despite what you may have gleaned from my mannerisms and attitude, most people are surprised I am straight too… But this is a confusing topic for a discussion of another day as I believe what I have said about the introvert verses extrovert spectrum also applies here to some degree; no one (Or at least very few people) are one or the other (Unless restrictions on growth apply), everyone is usually varying shades of both. Now before I get mobbed by all of the one people who actually read this, I will qualify that what I mean is that you can respect someone, to the point of almost reverence; it is like when I spoke on the subject of romance, which is not just about romantic feelings for another person (Or thing, I wont judge), it is about an attitude to everything, not just another person. Ever heard of a romantic poet?

Empty coffee cup
Did anyone else know that there was such a thing as a hazelnut mocha…

Anyway… Yes, my post form last night was erased as I wrote it on my computer (And fell asleep as you may recall) and when the morning came and I awoke with the imprints of ‘QWERTY’ on my cheek, my computer had died (As for some reason I had forgotten to put it on charge, despite the fact that I continuously do that most nights anyway) and when I reactivated the thing, all of what I had written was gone! And as some kind of visceral evidence, here is what my face may have looked like when I discovered it had happened:

It is a sad face
This is a Sad Face I drew in MSPaint… Seriously I should think about getting some actual drawing software… And hardware… If I wasn’t so terrible at drawing in the first place…

So I will probably spend most of my next post trying to gleam what I wrote before and put it into the dead post or the post of forgotten souls… In fact that is exactly what I will name the next one, ‘The Post of Forgotten Souls’…


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