Water tap in a coffee shop

Post-Valentines giddiness…

So, did everyone have a good Valentines weekend?

I know I did, mine was amazing! Also I am going to apologise, not that it means very much as you have no idea who I am but I will apologise none the less. But the lady I had over for Vallentines Day, my girlfriend is without doubt, the most amazing woman I have had the fortunate luck to run into… And she’s dating me! But enough of me being a mushy git, I am almost certain that nobody wants to hear about it, so I will move onto a more interesting subject! Onwards!

I think I am most certainly a romantic (Which I have mentioned before being a good trait for a writer, I think it is important to be able to see the beauty and the flaws in everything, but this is just in my eyes, other writers might have a different perspective), mostly as I am almost certain about 99% of my writing I do when I am feeling the power of something, the emotional residue left over form some kind of experience, whether that was an experience of my own or something I have witness someone else going through…

If I write without this kind of thing behind it, without remembering the emotions and complexities involved, no matter how vivid, it feels rigid, as though it was written by a robot which has only studied emotions, almost unreal in a sense… Or maybe that’s just how I perceive it.

Water tap in a coffee shop
I am going to need a lot of this today!

But yes, this post was in an effort to get back into the writing of blogs… I have only been away for around three days but as it is something I have only recently taken up I almost immediately assumed if I fell out of the habit of doing it, it would soon disappear and then the internet would have gotten away with not having anything by me on it… Which; aside from probably being a blessing for the internet; I wouldn’t enjoy.


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