Sleep is amazing… Pity I miss it so often…

Boo… Did you miss me?

Well I was originally planning on writing another blog post last night but as I was so tired I ended up falling asleep before I could, so today is my attempt at making that same thing… And if my brain was not so poop and could actually concentrate for more than a few seconds on something then that would be swell…

Well just to make complete and utter digressional u-turns a thing in my writing I have decided to devote this entry to the subject of one of my favourite past times… Of all time… It doesn’t quite hold the number one position but it quite comfortably holds a place in the top five… If not the top three… And that dear reader, is sleep!

I felt like a chocolate cheesecake today... As what is not to love?

I love sleep. Sleep is amazing, and when my sleep is optimal, it feels amazing! And by optimal I don’t mean at a specific time or whatever other people think that optimal means (Again this is from my own experience and will not apply to everyone), optimal sleep occurs when you are tired, not after and not before. Now this can happen at nine o’clock at night or six o’clock in the morning, I don’t have a schedule with sleep… And that is probably an issue when you think about it, thankfully, I don’t really do a whole lot of thinking about things like that.

I haven’t really had a good solid nights sleep since well Sunday really and I think I know the reason why… The fact that I had to see my girlfriend off on Sunday and I was sad to see her go. So naturally I feel a little deflated at the moment, and I felt like pulling a pet lip all of the way home that day after seeing her off.

I seem to spend most of my life here...

But alas, I am a little curious what other people class as a ‘good nights sleep’ as my definition is probably around 8 hours when I feel tired, whenever that may occur. But i have slept for like 12 hours when i am very tired, and as little as 2 hours when I have something on my mind… So what is yours?


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