Pigeons and psychosis…

Hello again! And such a short time after my previous one… I spoil you’s sometimes…

Stood on a train station, having just witness a pigeon strut past and it took me a little longer than I am particularly proud to admit to happen upon the discovery that we were about 100 feet below ground and to get to that exact position (Where is strutted about proudly as though it had just won gold at the pigeon Olympics) it would have had to fly or walk through a labyrinth of tunnels and stairways… No wonder it was proud… Where was I?

Now excusing the note on the ninja pigeon, I may have just happened once again upon the fact that I actually live in a ridiculously pretty city:

I live in a very pretty place...

Now aside from that photo looking like it was taken by a four year old on Ritalin, it looked prettier to me. But after that surprisingly long journey home I am now sat with the worlds greatest thing in front of me… Tea:

Tea... The majestic nectar...

I have already completely lost the purpose of what this blog was originally supposed to be about… And I have now just witnessed The Game Grumps make a reference to the ThunderCats whilst playing Zelda II… Moving on, as quickly as possible.

I could have sworn I wanted this blog post to have an actual point, and not just consist of the mindless madness that is my brain about 99% of the time. Oh well, we will have a point sometime soon, and a story and everything! But I am still weirdly enjoying subjecting the internet to my inner psychosis… What?


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