Don’t be as silly as me…

I am going to apologise very deeply about completely missing yesterday!

I began writing a blog but I was so busy that I ended up not getting a chance to write anymore… Although I did write quite a bit of story, even through the haze of what I am quickly coming to recognise as an illness or some kind of fatigue of some description… But hopefully you will come to recognise the fact that I very rarely complain about being broken (Having tried, and succeeded to walk home on a broken leg, resulting in some beautiful x-rays! By the way I am not encouraging it in any way shape or form! If you think you have a broken leg call a bloody ambulance!)

Tea will sustain me...

I am quickly becoming certain that at least three or four of my blogs have been about tea (To be honest tea has probably been mentioned at least once in every blog) and so I think I may have an addiction… But this implies that it is news and not something I came to terms with a long ass time ago… I even did a blog on tea and gamification for a university project…

But I guess there are much worse things to be addicted to… In comparison being addicted to tea is probably one of the better things to be addicted to, like chocolate (Which I oddly only eat every so often when I am tired, ill or feel like it, so I don’t make much sense there either) or coffee (Which I don’t really touch unless I am super-tired on account of the fact that it makes me go super-loopy, even when I am dead to the world).

Also I may have made my own DIY protein pancakes, and they are superbly divine in their awesomeness!

The divinity of tasty pancakes...

I may have gotten about 99% of my way through the thing before I realised I should have taken a photo… But still… It looks tasty… Ish. I am also aware that pancake day was the 17th and so two days ago, however I like pancakes and so I wanted to nom some for breakfast… Nom is the technical word you see?

About 75g of flour, 50g of whey protein, two eggs and 300ml of milk and voila… Tasty, tasty stuff! I may have covered the first one in peanut butter but still!

On a jaw wrenchingly different note, is it bad that I am using the training materials for becoming a coach to improve my own life and performance? By the way if I haven’t mentioned yet I want to be a coach!


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