Surprise! A wild Epic appears!

Did I scare you?

Well if I did I would be deeply disturbed for your mental health as you would have clicked through to here and if you are surprised by your own conscious thought- unless you hand is possessed or something I guess… But what kind of possession then? Magic, psychic what? Onwards!

I am trying to pull my brain together in one way or another, as I have spent the past few months training to be a coach, and systematically being a booby about my own life… Also I am flying off to Turkey next month, early next month. End of this week to be precise!

This entry will probably be quite short as it is like a baby step as I really need to get back into this… For many reasons, including but not exclusive to cluttering up the internet with more needless stuff… Science!


So I may have fallen asleep… Just a little whilst writing this entry. Thank any sweet merciful dio you would like that I can do this on my mobile! *fanfare*

Anyway, I believe another reason why I stopped is that all of my entries seem to lack a central theme and end up just revolving around the fact that I can talk about nothing for a very long time before I realise what I have done and promptly continue as hey… I like talking.

Maybe I should do a blog about tea again… That was a lot of fun when I did it. But maybe that’s because I am one of the only people who can write a 10000 word essay on the differences in tastes for the national brews…


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