Psychotic rant underway…

Right to hell with this overly civilized and overly domesticated practice. I am going to get aggressive.

Number one, if I want to write that is my choice and if I offend or agitate your beliefs in the course of said writing, it is your right to be upset, annoyed or angry about that. It is not your right to disallow me from saying it.

Number two, if you hear me complain about something, it will not be because (or at least mostly) I think it is wrong and want to be rid of it. No, I want you to challenge me, tell me why you think I am full of shit. I come from one of the most prophane countries in the world, and one of its most angry cities. I can take criticism, it wont stop me from believing my point however. You have to make me see yours.

Number three, when did we become so afraid of confrontation that we let go of one of the greatest pillars of our overly intelegent society? Debate? Arguements! I am willing to fight for my side and you should be willing to fight for yours! Not with physical violence, but with words, your version of the truth. Violence and the threat there of, is the sign of an inadequate mind desperately trying to remain relevant.

Number four, if all of this seems too much effort, if you cannot be bothered to argue and protect your point. Then your point obviously does not deserve protecting, and ultimately meaning you don’t hold it strongly enough to argue for it in the first place. I am not saying this to spark outrage or anger, I am saying this because I am tired of people backing out of an argument before there even is one. I am one of the most psychotically stuborn human beings on the entire planet, and I fucking love to argue.

And finally, number five… I have no idea why I ended it at number five when I had run out of points by number four. I guess I just wanted a ‘nice’ number to end it on and as ‘five’ is nicer than ‘four’  I figured I would end it there.

In conclusion, grow a set of testicals or ovaries universe, fight for your beliefs with words and argument, rather than stupidity and violence. Tell the truth and stop hiding shit.


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