This is a story…

All about ho- I mean err, this is not plagiarism from The Fresh Prince of Belair (An awesome series, look it up if you haven’t seen it). This is going to be a short story…

As I am still yet to actually figure out where this blog will be going with any consistency, I have decided to write a short story for your brain… 

Right now I think it will be something of a philosophical romance type piece, but as I am yet to write it that could quickly change… 
Enjoy! Or suffer through it… Either way…

Imagine, if you will, a sunset on some kind of tropical island. 

The sunlight dancing across the water in shimmering attacks of photons on your eyes. The moisture in the air, not just normal moisture but mixed with that salty tang that reminds your senses of the sea (And for some reason makes you feel sleepy and relaxes). 

Couple that with the gentle noises of the animals in the forest behind, a slither here, the pitter patter of small feet there, and an almost suffocating warmth in the air.

Yeah… It certainly felt like some kind of paradise here. The gentle sun kissed her already glowing Ebony skin and she felt at peace. 

Sat in the sand, hands outstretched over crossed knees, all she was doing was breathing in the relaxation. Away from all the people and all the distractions of modern life.

This was all the evidence she needed. Admittedly for a petty and long forgotten argument but still… She remembered a long time ago, when she had been in school, all screaming and chaos, she had taken an exam which had dictated the path she had gone on. 
‘Are you an Introvert or an Extravert?’ bold black letters had proclaimed on the front of the exam, filled with so many questions and so many curious things she had personally never witnessed. But looking around seeing everyone scribbling away, their arms hooked around their paper like copying was a sin.

She had then penciled in her responses, even to questions she had no idea about. She was eager to go back home and finish her book. It wasn’t that interesting but it didn’t make her uneasy, unlike all of this. 

Exhaling through her nose she opened her eyes, looking out at the clear blue ocean, not a soul to disturb her… She didn’t feel happy per se, but she felt peaceful, content and that was closer to happy than anything she had ever felt at school. 

Apparently she was an extravert, whatever that meant at the time. She was a child, she had no power to dictate her own destiny then, when she barely felt any right to dictate even now, a whole 13 years later.
That was all they ever saw… The teachers, too afraid to go against what they had been taught to do to teach. They only ever saw an extravert, they made her do sports, debates, leadership skills… So much so that they convinced even her that she was an extravert. A leader.
But in moments like this, when there was no one around, when there was only her and her thoughts… She felt relieved. Feeling about as close to the elusive feeling of happy as it was possible for her.

One more failure to a flawed system. She took a deep breath, closing her eyes and once again darkness filled her vision, a empty oblivion in which her mind worked best.



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