Despite the fact I hate the thought process that apparently goes through the heads of the people who say YOLO, it is apt…

My head is going through things and to be honest of the many things I am today, this has been one of my best days I have had in a while.

Now I’m not someone who believes in luck or magic or curses or any of that delightful nonsense. But I do happen to think that the moment you say something, you think about it and then it changes or at least your perception of it changes.

I had a very good day today. Good food, good gym session, interesting day at work, don’t feel absurdly tired… But in my head, no matter how I try to point out that it is simply just a case of focus, my brain or more accurately my subconscious perceives it as ‘bad luck’ to think or say anything like that.

As ‘like me’ as this delightful digression down the alleys of psychology has been, there was a point to this. 

Why do we perceive luck?

I mean I understand that it is likely to be a consciously created thing; it didn’t exist before we could talk and reason; and it has become such an ingrained part of our psyche that even now it still plagues our more developed and conscious thought processes. 

Why are some things harder to shake off than others? Is it because it is older? Dating back to when humanity was only just developing consciousness? In that sense is it so primal it has become a part of our minds, predating things like religion and even words? 

This has been a random thought process on my fourth bus of the day… Long winded digressions for the win! 


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