Unicorns are the best!

So… I spend roughly three hours on buses everyday for work, factor in work time and well… Let’s just say I really don’t have time to do anything else.

I miss writing though.

As you may or may not have guessed I do enjoy writing. It is one of those things which has stopped me from murdering people in the past. 

I love writing. It can literally be about anything and chances are that I will enjoy doing it. 

But I don’t really seem to get the time to do it at the moment. Which is probably one of the reasons why you have been inundated with my waffling none-sense. 

I can’t really hand write on the bus and for some reason I don’t enjoy typing it out… Well I do but I often feel that I need to write it up by hand as well. So I feel like it is a waste of time to type it up. 

Work, gym and occasionally writing… That about sums up my life.

I have no discernable social life, the only girl I have developed more than a passing crush on currently lives about 200 miles away, I spend inordinate amounts of time travelling (I hate sitting down too as it makes me feel sleepy), and I am still curious as to how I keep forgetting that I am wearing a unicorn hat and scarf. 

Everyone keeps looking at me like I’m a sociopath… Maybe it makes sense that I am lacking a social life; I look like a looney. 

I am mysteriously ok with that fact… 

This really has become something of place where I put the random stuff in my head hasn’t it?

Oh and second bullet point on this imaginary list, I am not attaching pictures like I used to because I’m using my phone and it dislikes WordPress, so I can’t… Sorry about that. 


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