Coffee, you monster…

I like it black, like my soul… 

Actually I prefer it with chocolate, in the form of a mocha. So I don’t think that is like my soul… Or it might be, I have no idea on account of the fact that there is no such thing as a soul.

Boom. Several billion worlds shattered in one sentence…

Sorry I’m feeling rather bitter, on account that I am in the middle of an argument (Literally). 

Some kids on one side of the bus station and officially a mad old lady on the other, and here is me standing inbetween the two of them in a unicorn hood. 

She’s obviously a crazy lady, having mentioned several times that she knows Madonna and has sleapt with David Cameron. However the doylems to my left are still arguing their side… Even though their side is basically as pointless as hers. 

Hence why I cannot decide as to which side is dumber… I am fairly certain that some kind of metaphor could be made of this. Idiots arguing with crazy people? There’s something there… 

Something about a pointless endeavor then it could be a figure of speech? I don’t know why I am asking it like a question. It will be like that in my head forever!

Well for the next few minutes, until it is distracted by the next shiny object…

Anyway, how does all of this relate back to the subject of coffee? How does humanity deal with dumb people? 

By drinking coffee and subjecting their brains to the idiocy of the day, drinking back the increasingly tasteless stimulant and trying their hardest to convince themselves that this time the argument is not entirely irrelevant. That humanity doesn’t deserve to be subjected to torture for considering this mediocrity even the smallest semblance of civilisation or society. 

Then you smell the coffee, and sense the smallest inkling in the back of your mind, maybe humanity isn’t shit? 

So you go about your day and realise you are in a meeting discussing the misuse of company time… And then you realise, yes… Yes it does need to burn. 

I think I’m tired… 


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