Why I shouldn’t be a mutant…

The reason why we haven’t seen anyone with the power of immediate or near immediate regeneration is not because it is an impossible ability…

No unfortunately it falls into that annoying state where it is not ‘technically’ impossible, but just the set of variables required are so unlikely to occur that it might as well be. 

Another annoyance: Yes things are impossible, the reason why we say they are not is because the physics behind them are not fully understood in any sense. So we have to say technically impossible.

Ironic point: Mostly the only things human beings consider impossible and not technically impossible, are actually quite possible just unlikely (And even in some cases, likely). 

Anyway, regeneration or more accurately accelerated regeneration is a process of healing. Just on speed. 

Remember Wolverine (From Xmen) and you will understand what I am talking about. 

Basically all your body needs is a supply of nutrients to be able to effectively clot and begin healing.

But I am going to preface this whole explanation with one statement; to have the levels required to engage in healing as soon as the injury occurs it would take years, decades even to get your body used to it, and more than likely poisonous levels of certain chemicals to engage the healing. 

You would need more supplies in your body which cause, trigger and help healing, such as clotting factors or white blood cells etc and then you need to consistently have them there so your body can leatn to react faster and faster to the wound… With the resources plentifully available.

But unfortunately the level of chemicals required will probably be poisonous to you in any case. Well either that or would be seriously obese and dying in any case so would it really matter? 

So you can certainly speed it up by making sure you eat things like raisins to combat high blood pressure, milk and other sources of dairy to help with bones (breaks etc), steak and wine are good for your blood as well as muscular growth, cardiovascular exercise is good for your heart… There are a lot of things you can do to speed up healing but I’m afraid not to the extent you see in movies.

Even billions of years from now, if humanity ever manages to survive it’s own blistering ignorance and stupidity, we will not evolve the ability to regenerate so quickly without outside help.

But to be fair this outside help could also be inside… As I like the idea of nano-machines but even then they would have to get the materials from somewhere… 

Now all I have is this creepy image of a group of nanobots clustered around a bridge, with a captain (Who has an eye patch for some odd reason) screaming to divert more blood flow to the obliques during exercise… Or the penis during plow times. 

Does someone remember the reason why I started to write this? 

Essentially. You can’t take in enough food, chemicals and energy to give you healing powers like Wolverine. But you can speed it up a bit if you eat right…

But you could enhance all of the other facets of a human being to make the rest of them like Wolverine (Aside from coating the bones in adamantium).

Strength is actually fairly easy to enhance, if you have the money and/or are missing a limb and/or are paralysed. As then you can have carbon nanotubule muscle fibres created to replace actual muscles and these can lift loads 200 times greater than normal muscles. Next question! 

A heightened sense of smell, actually already exists as a genetic quirk. It is called Hyperosmia, and is actually fairly common. Well common for something which is considered by some to be one of the more lame super powers. But it is still a super power! 

The claws are another fairly hard thing to actually have, well that would depend on your definition of claws. Technically Wolverine does not have claws. Firstly, a claw tends to be a curved, retractable projection from the animal in question and secondly because it causes him general pain to unleash his claws. But yes it is possible, just really stupid to hide claws under skin… Provided you could avoid the toxic shock of having some large quantity of metal under your skin. 

Side point: In the first Wolverine stand alone film, his heart reaches more than 300bpm… You could not maintain that for long, even an absurdly healthy man couldn’t maintain that for long without causing serious long term damage. 

I cannot remember why I got onto talking about Wolverine… Well I suppose I did start with healing powers and their plausibility it was only a matter of time.

But I had better end this before it goes on for too damn long… So enjoy my delightful rant about absolutely nothing! 


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