Dreams are powerful things…

I think too many people give up on their dreams for the sake of a steady and well paid 9 to 5 job… 

Thinking that they will have the money to buy the time to work on their dreams later on, but this is similar to my entry on being ‘centred’. 

You will never be at a place where you can comfortably do something you have never done. So you have to just scream ‘fuck it’ or something of a similar nature, I would probably advise against saying things like ‘wa-hoo’ as people may believe you to be having fun… Well either that or Mario.

Side note: If you do not know who Mario is on account of that reference, why make the universe cry? You should hang your head in shame, and then a book about video game franchises that altered how we perceive the industry. 

Your time on Earth is precious, and it is pointless to waste it doing something which you have no love for. You will spend a great majority of your time doing it, so make it something you at least enjoy. 

We are a capitalist society and so I understand the fact that we all need money… It sucks but it is a necessity.

An ideal society would be one in which we could all pursue our dreams without the repercussions of society making us all jaded and miserable. It will happen eventually, maybe not for a while but it will.

I don’t do normal hours, and I have to travel on average about 14 miles in a day (Fuck me that’s depressing) and I can’t drive… Well yet anyway, I am working on that one. 

But the difference is I love my job. Sure it can be stressful and confusing at times but it doesn’t change the fact that I enjoy it.

I have had a number of opportunities to change to a higher paying job, but I love the one I have at the moment… Plus as I can afford my life at the moment and even can afford a few luxuries etc, I don’t want to change. 

I know I will have to eventually but for the moment I am happy (As hard as that might be to grasp sometimes). 

Obviously I want to be a writer… I am not entirely certain if I have shared that on here… But it should hopefully be obvious on account of the fact that this is a blog… Okay, perhaps it is not so obvious. 

So my advice is simply to find something you love doing… The money will always eventually follow those with passion in their hearts.

…And no… I am not high! Despite the fact I really sound it right now… 


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