Possibly the most meta internal conversation…

I am building a new computer in February so my blogs may actually have some colour to them soon…

By ‘colour’ I mean I will add pictures and to be honest they will be the schizophrenic scrawlings of me… 

Also known as my drawings, so there is that paticular embolism coming in the near future.

I do apologise if it makes any part of you messy in the witnessing of it. 

Any-who, I have made a promise to myself to do some story writing every day. Just like I promise to keep this updated as the year goes on as well… 

I also want to do more reading than I have been. I don’t quite know how many books etc I want to go through (As I have mentioned before I have issues with adjusting to novelty) but as I am reading a book based in cyber reality which is basically The Sims on steroids, mixed with an anime called Sword Art Online, I am so far ok but I have a habit of running out of books I can read. 

Oh and the book I’m reading is called Interlude-Brandon from a series un-ironically titled The Game is Life by Terry Schott

(I would take a photo of this stuff but it’s all digital now… Like everything, so instead you will have to settle with an out of context photo of my bookshelf…)

I make very long sentences huh? 

But I have always wanted to read more just in recent years it has taken something of a second place on account of my life encroaching upon my dawdling brain.

So reading is one of those things which needs to happen more often but so is writing. But not just ‘writing’ I write more or less every day and so it is not exactly something even remotely out of the ordinary.

No, what I want to do more of is write more- I don’t want to just say ‘story’ as that sounds, aside from anything else, clichéd… I want to write more creatively. 

I may have shared this before but I trained as a Journalist, and so serious, factual writing was a part of my life for a long time, and still is, even now. 

I mean I want to write prose, and I guess I want to help other people with theirs too.

I have spent my life around people who think that things are alway eventual and that the path leading to things can be created by following the examples left by others… But this is a stifling and unhelpful method. Yes it works to a very small extent but very little art was inspired by a dirt road, trampled into dry earth by so many feet.

This whole idea implies there is a method to leaving a mark on the world, and I have seen so many people take their lessons from people who don’t know what they are talking about. 

It all just emalgamates in a lot of broken dreams. Dreams that would’ve been much richer and much better if thy hadn’t stayed on the path, and had gone off on their own to find it for themselves.

(Unless your dream is to be an alcoholic!)

Yes it will take longer, yes it will be hard, and yes I am fully aware that I am contradicting myself by giving advice on this when I said not four paragraphs ago that you shouldn’t take advice from people who haven’t made it. 

So if you have someone in your life who keeps trying to ‘drag you back to reality’ just remember that nothing good ever came from copying things that already exist. 


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