Writing is fun! 

I made a massive metaphor last night and I accidently deleted it! 

By a massive metaphor I meant it was at least 2-300 words long! Oh well, moving on… 

Not that it was vitally important. I was just discussing the fact that I am indeed a crazy person… 

I referenced the fact that I dislike people using words incorrectly (When people say things like ‘brand new’ when they mean new).

I also spoke about the worst kind of people who unintentionally create words that have no reason to exist, such as ‘irregardless’. THIS IS NOT A WORD!!!

It is a bastardisation of two words, irrespective and regardless, and unfortunately exists according to the Internet. 

But then again the Oxford English Dictionary recognises ‘Lol’ as a word, so therefore even the dictionary is total crap now. 

Finally ending with a massive metaphor as to why I will let people who use portmanteaus live. Including likening them to a situation involving an elevator, which went on for quite some time. 

I have no idea why I wrote this but then again who knows why they write anyways? It is more of a compulsion than a conscious desire.

But then again I consider any dream involving art to be unconscious.

It is your mind and body attempting, most of the time futilly, to understand and reason with the vast, confusing and seemingly infinite complexities of existence.

More than this it is your conscious minds attempt to understand subconscious reasoning… Putting your understanding into a made up persons ideas for doing a certain act or being a certain type of person… 

You do this a whole bunch of times and you put them together to see how they interact with each other, then your story begins to form…

Or you may have a story idea in the first place and it is about inventing the characters which fit in with that story. 

Everything depends on who you are… Someone can copy what you do, down to the finest detail to pretend to be you, but they won’t have the passion, the drive, the energy which goes into the writing like you. 

They won’t be you, so they don’t know how it all adds up, what is going to happen next, they may be able to guess, but it will be how you write it that will be the interesting part. How you gesticulate it, the characters, setting and situation were born from your mind, and so only you know specifically how it is going to end.

So once you start writing, or at least once I start writing, I have to make it all of the way to the end otherwise I go mad. I want to know as much as anyone else how it all ends, and it has to end satisfyingly. Otherwise I have to start again.

People say that this is a curse but I kind of enjoy it… 

Now that was quite existential… 


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