Burning down a village to remove a tree stump you didn’t paticularly like…

Buckle up butter cup this is a long and confusing digression… 

TV is a bizarre concept, essentially you pay vast sums of money for a gigantic piece of technology to gawp at, with vaguely annoying celebrities and stupid people on it until you die of some kind of couch related illness. 

It is very rare I find something on tv that doesn’t inherently annoy me, like my tastes in music (Again I may be autistic), I have found maybe one or two things in the past few years which I actually enjoy. 

One is called ‘Castle‘ and the other I will get onto in a little while. 

I first discovered Nathan Fillion in a show called Firefly, which I only watched because it was at least partly created by a man who was the primary driving force behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The series not the movie), which was officially the first show I ever thought was awesome. Who is, if anyone is interested, Joss Weedon

I have however since come away from the things he does on account of the fact that he seems to be doing a lot of things now without much prior thought… Or because he’s popular now… Pick one. 

Although wierdly enough Mr Fillion was in Buffy, just the final series which I eventually got around to watching… After being annoyed by series 6… And watching Firefly. 

I saw an advert once about a show called Castle and saw that it was about essentially a gigantic cavalier arsehole, who also happened to be a writer… So I watched it, and it became one of my favourate programmes on Tv. 

(TV has mind stupefication powers! Why I have a fez in front of it I am unsure… Because?)  

Now swinging finally around to the point which made me start this entry is my second favourate TV show of the past decade. 

If you have ever watched something called How I met your Mother obsessively or religiously – like I did at university – wow that show saw me through a lot of rough times – then you will know what I am talking about when I say “BUILD BIGGER DOORS!”.

I mean I am not exactly the most massive human being but, for the love of any deity which you find relevant, can we not build bigger stuff.

This thought occurred to me when I really needed to use the rest room, on account of a nigh on explosive bladder. 

I found one in the basement of some shopping centre whilst I was on my way to work (So I needed to be fast about it).

But on my way passed all of the other people, I hit them all on account of the fact I cannot exactly be described as petite. 

Then once in the – we shall say ‘water closet’ – I could not move much, hitting everything inside and knocking all sorts over as I turned around to lock the damn door. 

Suffice to say, I really want to have bigger stuff built, or at the very least for someone to realise we haven’t been that small as a race for about thirty years. 

Listen, I know space is at a premium or whatever but fuck… Build bigger stuff. 


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