Extreme fatigue… It is the greatest amount of non-fun ever… 

Any paticularly passionate gym goer knows of this; usually it happens more in the earlier stages of your gym life than later.

A period of time when you have completely and utterly exhausted yourself and you need 24 to 48 hours rest to recover. (Sometimes up to 7 days and even longer!)

In this time frame you will feel tired, exhausted and generally cannot be bothered to do anything but lay around. 

I say lay around because you will want to sleep but unfortunately it is unlikely to happen for very long and it is likely to be fitful. 

(My pre-workout as I am absurdly sensitive to high amounts of caffeine, as apparently I’m a big baby…)

The amount you will want (I should possibly point out that want is the exact word I mean as some people will feel too sick or dizzy to eat) to eat will also sky rocket, paticularly fatty foods like oils and avocados.

Side point: I don’t think I have ever craved avocados in these states, normally I just put a table spoon of coconut oil in my tea or something like that.

If you are like me and work every damn day it becomes something of a nightmare. 

As you try to juggle the need to sleep with work, and as I have only taken one day off ill in the past three years I’m not going to take anymore… I don’t know why, maybe I’m trying to go for a record at my company? 

Anyway, as I was saying it shouldn’t technically happen later into the life of someone who hits the gym a lot, as they should have learned the importance of food and rest by now (Especially 10 years in!). 

But it still does and in these states more than any other it is imperative to relax, and to calmly go about your daily life without the gym… (I am trying to convince myself here more than anyone else…) Listen to relaxing music, take baths, read, anything to keep yourself calm (DO NOT STRESS OUT!) and mellow.

As healing will take however long it is going to take, if you eat right and (try to) sleep right, then it won’t take so long. But you need to relax through the process.

(Also your best friend! But more usually during non-dead days!)

There are obviously people who push themselves through issues like this and keep going anyway, but I’d rather not kill myself… 

I go to the gym to be healthier and stronger, not to kill myself with meteoric might, whilst Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi kills another bitching guitar solo.

Side point: Oddly enough heavy metal is not my favourate kind of music, I just grew up with it as my parents were big fans of it. Guess what is? I think I have mentioned it before anyway… If not guess anyway. 

But alas, I can explain why it happened with me this time. My food, gym and sleep was almost perfect, the issue arose when I decided to go to the gym three days in a row.

Now this would be fine if I went to the gym like a normal human being, go in push some stuff around, treadmill, shower, go home… But naturally as I am me and I can’t do anything normally, I set three personal bests in these three days. 

The reason why I went three times in as many days is because I don’t get to see my best friend a whole lot at the minute with me working afternoons and evenings, and he goes to uni during the day.

I went on the Monday for what I am affectionately going to call squat day, then I went on Tuesday with my friend and we did bench press. (Btw: It was totally worth it) 

Finally I figured “why mess up my routine?” and went on the Wednesday as well, feeling slightly tired for deadlifts and rows… 

(My routine is gym day, rest day -to recover and stock up on calories again etc-, gym day, rest day etcetera. Well thats what it is at the moment ot will probably change again at some point.) 

The next day I could not move.

I felt so drained and tired, so exhausted.

(Never forget your water when recovering!) 

As I had been learning about this stuff literally a few weeks ago whilst I was doing my exam. I felt more than a little stupid. But hey… I am allowed to on an occasion.


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