The winds of change… 

I’m not exactly expressive on the demons, and all of that paticular nonsense, that lie within…

I don’t tend to share much of what is going on behind the scenes as I am something of an introvert. 

If you do not know of the introvert vs. extravert spectrum there is a great book on the subject called Quiet by Susan Cain about £6 (Roughly $7.50).

(It is actually suprisingly hard to photograph an embossed title) 

As discussed in this book (It’s probabky best to read it if you are going to continue reading this blog as I will refer to it a hell of a lot) introverts have issues sharing themselves when they are with strangers. 

As they see it as a secret, essentially, that they share with only a few people. 

Which is a big part of the reason why I deflect most questions and talk about nothing for a very long time. Ironic I know.

A kind of person, typified by quiet reflection, being a noise causing, loud, ever so slightly obnoxious turd – again this is covered in the book – makes no sense right?

That’s what I thought.

Well I did some reading… And by some reading, I mean a lot of reading! 

And (I hate starting sentences with that word!) as it turns out human consciousness is incredibly difficult to map on account of the fact that some of the rules or prevailing opinions change with each new generation. 

So whatever we think now, in about 25 years it will be at least slightly different. Which, for some very odd reason, made me incredibly happy.

I am a little bit of an existentialist, if you hadn’t gathered that fact, and so I was, at least for the most part perfectly understanding that humanity would repeat the same cycles again and again until eventually we wiped ourselves out. 

But this tiny little nuance of information, that the brain changes even in tiny ways with each new generation, is a game changer. 

Think of it this way, Pak-ta-tok was a game played by the ancient Mayan’s, essentialy it involved getting a ball and putting it through a hoop, sounds like Basketball right? Well you also had to wear armour and hit each other as it was meant to simulate battle, sounds more like American Football now? Yet this was 4000 years ago in Central America. 

This is a sign that things improve, in Pak-ta-tok you could auction yourself off as a slave to play in the games yet in Basketball it would be a little odd to see a player auctioning off his field of buffalo amd his own freedom just to play.

(This is a picture of nothing…)

This is a sign that we have evolved since then, we no longer need to own people and have debts repaid in blood to know our worth is acknowledged. 

The changes are rarely noted generation to generation but over huge gaps of thousands of years, the change is plain to see. 

So essentially whatever has been written down before, likely no longer applies. 

With the nature of evolution being that it allows the next generation a leg up on the previous one and is constantly changing, generation to generation. 

As society is becoming increasingly loud and you can only survive if you speak loudly perhaps even introverts are evolving to fit in with the demands of modern day society? 

Well it’s either that or I’m a sociopath who just inherently dislikes people… 


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