Well I’m glad I’m not mortal…

The things I would rather endure than the after effects of an illness;

  1. Someone cutting me, draining a litre of blood, freezing it at -2 degrees centigrade, and stabbing me with the resulting ice/blood-icle weapon;
  2. Having harpoons fired directly into my shoulder blades;
  3. Eating so much irradiated chicken I would spend the last two nano-seconds of my life glowing like Fry from the Bots and the Bees (An episode of Futurama, if you have not seen it, you must subject your eyes and your brain to this delightful mess!);
  4. Opening a can of some kind of tasty beverage only to discover it is in fact a terribly convoluted nuclear explosive, taking me and the surrounding five neighbourhoods out;
  5. Being hit by a Boing 747 whilst someway into an experimental skydive;
  6. Making me watch Ordinary Family or anything involving a teenage pregnancy;
  7. Being a pregnant teenager.

You get the idea… I hate being ill, I am not sure if this is made any better or any worse by the fact I get ill very rarely. 

(Looking up at the roof all the time is not the most fun thing to do ever!) 

Like once a year if that, and so I should be grateful. But people who are exposed to it more often find it easier to deal with.

If i ever get ill, I guarantee I will think I am dying, or at least much worse than I always inevitably am. 

But this isn’t really the actual illness I am complaining about, no sir-ee. 

This is about that horrible after bit where you aren’t quite well enough to do your usual stuff but are cognisant enough to be hungry and feel bored by doing nothing.

But alas I am getting carried away with myself and that is not what this entry was planned to be about. 

I was planning on talking about the fact that people are most definately not lying when they say a great body is 30-40% gym and 60-70% diet.

Knowing to eat things isn’t hard, but knowing how much to eat? What percentages should be made up of each macronutrient? How long should you leave before eating again? How often should you change what you eat?

(I have a book filled with the answers to these questions and about a zillion more… I think a lot. What of it, yo?)

These are all questions I have asked at some point utterly bewildered by the whole process.

How are these two things connected I hear you ask? (Well no not really but the connection seems a little flimsy even to me!)

But my illness lead to a fall in my intake and so my diet fell apart. I am only now putting it back together but it is taking some time. 

I think I officially upped my calories to something horrific like 4,500 for about three weeks before I did too much and fell ill and my strength sky rocketed. 

Like literally, I won’t get into the details as they aren’t something I want to share, but easily an increase of nearly 25% across all major lifts. 

But then I got I’ll and my diet descended into chaos… So I’m starting again today, getting my diet in order an getting back to the gym… I missed it! 

(I am that amount of unhappy about it!)

It is something you have to ease yourself back into, even though I’ve only been off of it a few days. 

I have felt so tired and drained in the past few days I haven’t cooked as often as I would have liked and it has lead to me feeling even worse. 

Now that I am trying to get back on top of my diet so I can get back to training full on, it is a little daunting.

I want to go back and max out like I was before all of the illness, but without getting into all of the delightful none-sense such as pro-hormone cycles and metabolic readiness, I will just say that this won’t happen right away. 

I would like to fall back in where I left off but I won’t, I can’t. I want to try something called Smolov, which just sounds like death to my legs but I am nothing if not someone with a death wish. 

This, singular lesson, from the strangest place has taught me in a much more powerful way than simply words from someone else’s lips, that looking after myself is more important than I give it credit. 

This has been going on for some time now so I had better wrap this up soon! 

So I am gonna hit it hard, but for the first time in a stretch of time which probably looks like forever I am going to actually use my rest time the way it is supposed to be used… Resting. 

Look after yourselves all of you delightful stardust creatures! 


4 thoughts on “Well I’m glad I’m not mortal…

  1. A very swanky notebook mister. How do you prep your meals? Are you planning on doing a weeks worth of meals in advance or are you taking things day to day? Sorry you’re ill.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why thank you, I have a lot of them… I write a deplorable amount. But generally I make food a day at a time, mainly because a lot of the ingredients I like to use, like chopped tomatoes and onions spoil quite quickly. But if I am in a busy week like the second week of February coming up, I will make a weeks worth simply because I won’t have the time to cook. Unfortunately that also means it will be fairly simple, something like peppered or lemon chicken, with spinach or kale and rice. Simply because they will last longer and won’t spoil as easily. Does that make sense?


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