The most answer-full non-interference ever…

It cuts quite an image if you are in the gym, ‘hurring’ away and then suddenly your lungs decide that they no longer appreciate being inside your body and try to escape. 

(This is my floor… A floor which I have spent an inordinate amount of time looking at in the past two days.)

I am of course keeping an eye on my fatigue at the moment as I really do not want this extreme exhaustion thing, to happen again.

It was about the most un-deligtful thing I have endured for a while. 

But alas believe it or not I did not start this entry to talk about my ‘delightful’ time in the gym (Why can’t I use normal words). 

Side note: I should possibly talk to someone about my incessant need to segway, to start my entries with something seemingly off topic. Onwards! 

I love having days off, but I often do not know what to do with them. I don’t get many, as I may have already shared. 

Side note II: I once spent a grand total of 12 and a half weeks at work non-stop before I left my previous job… It was brutal! 

But they spring upon me like a paticularly hungry honey badger, and then they are gone… Leaving me feeling a little winded and confused (Not missing testicles thankfully). 

So I try to organise stuff for them, and completely forgot when they come around as I am too tired and just spend most of the day asleep, go to the gym and eat a lot. 

It ultimately falls apart and I am just sitting in the back of my room, eating food until I one day inevitably explode. 

(Why do I still have a calender set for last year on my wall?)

So the scene has been painted, now to fill you in on what happened…

I got invited to the pictures by my best friend and some food, and my immediate reaction, which I thankfully resisted was to curl into a ball and say no.

Now I’m not saying this is true for everyone but I guess what I am saying is if you have an introverted friend, their ‘no’ to whatever plans you have may have been from habit or fear rather than want or need… 

It may have also been serious but hey ho, that’s the game we play in life. 

But then again everything in life is a game of getting things right…

If you know each other well enough then the likelihood that you will have already, more or less, pieced this all together is fairly high… 

So why am I saying this? Because I am mad person, who enjoys the echoing noise my voice makes in my head when j think of words… 



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