A sleeping fallacy…

Who else tries to watch stuff on tv or their computer to get to sleep when it is difficult?

As I do, quite a bit, and have done for a very long time.

Until last night.

I was having one of my sleep deprived crystallising moments when I realised something… TVs didn’t exist even hundreds of years ago and sound was a signal to not sleep.

So why do it now?

(The computer is just as at fault in this as TV!) 

I mean I get that we have evolved and the like etc, but we still haven’t left our killer instinct behind, we still haven’t left our fight or flight reflex behind and let’s face it, what human outside of Hollywood or general craziness can look down the barrel of a gun and not at least blink?

Sleep is still the same. 

No wonder people don’t do a whole lot of it with the whole world being so determined to distract themselves with some of the most inane stuff!

It may seem important or interesting but trust me, it isn’t. Your sub-concious mind will thank you.

Most people think they can’t sleep because they are mentally tired, and this is true… But for different reasons than people think. 

Your brain needs time to digest new information and mull over facts and the like as well as just imagine. 

Watching stuff and stupefying your brain is not going to help you do that as it is just clogging it up with more useless information to mull over when it gets the chance to… 

Which it never will because you keep filling it until you get to the point where you no longer know the most basic of information. 

This of course does not mean you should throw it out the nearest window, and it definately does not mean you should throw it at a paticularly annoying child… Or catapulting an idiot through the space/time continuum to be spat out into the age of dinosaurs, in Texas, be poisoned due to the overload of oxygen and get eaten by a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex… Where was I? 

(Speaking of dinosaurs… Oh amd the thing next to him is a money box… And nothing else…)

Everything is good in moderation, just moderation seems to be a thing we suck terribly at. (Something which I probably demonstrated at a buffet today! But that is not a great example really…) 

A little is preferable, as using your brain is important. It will help make decisions and if you ever decide to take on the Triads or something, it will help accelerate how quickly you can run away or place a jaw breaking kick.

Your brain is essentially a muscle, and you really to train it like every other muscle. It’s not just your body which suffers when you do nothing all day, your brain does too… 


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