The importance of meditation…

Meditation is important… Well I figured it was fairly obvious I was going to say that so I thought I would get it out of the way early…

(Peanut butter and banana sandwich, the most omnom of omnoms! Don’t worry j haven’t put salt and pepper on it, I just thought they give the picture context…)

Who is prepared for a bizarre question? What is meditation?

The mechanical principles behind it are simple enough, go somewhere you can stay still for a long time, close your eyes and, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

More or less immediately you will feel a minute lessening in mental strain, which is probably because you closed your eyes, cutting off your sight and allowing for blood to be diverted to other areas.

Generally where you are should be warm, not so warm you are uncomfortable or start to sweat and simultaneously not so cold that you start to shiver after a few moments sat down. Somewhere in the Goldilocks range of temperature. 

Side note: The above calculation may admittedly be used for astrobiology (The search for alien life, and by that I mean alien trees etcetera not ET) etc but it can be applied to a number of principles. Aside from the obvious flaw that this is used, generally, to find the distance from the sun a planet can be to support life. 

You don’t want other things to interrupt your meditation either so it is advisable to have a snack just before as well as a drink of something preferably without caffeine (But this may solely be me as I have a very love/hate relationship with caffeine).

Time pressures are another factor to consider, as I know from personal experience that it is hard to concentrate on something if you have to be at work soon. So preferably do it a while before hand or after. 

Once you have all of this in place you are ready to begin!

But let me tell you the first few times, or maybe even more than that. It will be hard. 

Most people don’t do this type of thing anymore and unfortunately we really could use it. 

The electronic distractions we have now, the stress, all of it has just pushed something like meditation completely out of focus.

But we could use it now more than ever!

To begin with you won’t be able to focus on much, maybe a few coherent thoughts but the more you do it, the more focus it brings. 

It even helps with sleep and interpersonal relations, planning and many other things. 

(I have my meditation spot right next to the window, and early morning sunrise…) 

There is not really a limit on the things it can help with. We are both simultaneously very lucky and very un-lucky to be alive now. 

We have furthered our connection to each other, creating a global society and fostering friendship everywhere. 

But we have also turned ourselves off to our immediate world, to interested in a video of a cat playing a piano to realise that you, yourself actually live in a beautiful place. 

There will always be someone who can do better than you, that is basically the principle purpose of evolution. Just relax…

I will leave you with one final question; would you rather get to the end of your life bent out of shape, frustrated and annoyed that you didn’t take the time to relax and enjoy the world around you (I’m not saying meditation is the only answer, but that and sleep help to give me perspective) or would you rather go out knowing you had done what you wanted to do because you listened to yourself? You did what you wanted to do because you made a choice to listen to yourself more than anyone else… 


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