Early mornings suck/rule…

I think I’ve possibly gone over physical and mental health a little too often on this blog and this is a good… 

But I’m supposed to be writing about whatever I find interesting, and I feel a little too restricted if I stick to just these topics.

I will obviously go back to them as I find them fascinating but I think I’ve made myself a little ‘sick’ talking about health… Badumtish!

Anyway… Onwards and upwards! And awaywards! And outwards… Ahem…

(Meal prep skills over 9000!) 

My head hurts today, but that is on account of the less than zero sleep I have had especially when I really, badly wanted it.

carb-loaded last night, which is a convenient way of saying that I ate a whole 16-inch pizza to myself and dipped the crusts in hummus. 

Hey, if I’m going to eat crap then I am going to do it with style. How is hummus style I hear you ask? It isn’t, I just have to justify eating it in some sense… It’s tasty… 

We all have our demons… This one just happens to be in a tub and made out of chickpeas.

Where was I going with this, I honestly don’t remember now… 

Ah, yes, early mornings!

I have a very love/hate relationship with early mornings (Is there anything I have a normal relationship with?).

As on one hand they are incredibly pretty; dewy from the cold night, shops only just opening up along the way, the few people awake and on their way to work in a morning stifling their yawns, contemplating murdering everyone they work with so they don’t have to go in tomorrow, it’s not quite light enough for cars to not have their headlights on, and all in all it is so darn pretty. But on the other hand; I hate waking up early, I love sleep, people early on are unnaturally gawpey, nowhere is open to grab food, you will probably be tired by mid-afternoon, put your head down for a nap and then could not sleep on the night… 

(I love my headphones, they are big and serve as ear warmers on cold days!) 

By the way, I wear headphones on public transport so people don’t talk to me… I’m not listening to music mostly as I prefer to do my thinking on a morning; let my brain wake up before throttling it with sounds and pictures designed to distract; I just have them on so I don’t have to talk to people. 

I am usually far too busy in my head thinking to be dealing with any form of social interaction. Especially when I am super fatigued in the first place. 

So essentially I would like to do early mornings more if I could get more sleep for them, however when I do that I feel like I am missing out on a whole bunch of my life late at night and inevitably slip back into this way of sleeping. 

I really like early mornings as it is that delightful messy time between ‘late-stayer-uppers’ finally getting home and into bed after imbibing an unhealthy amount if alcohol (Or after sobering up a little from a one night stand they decide to slip away), and ‘early-risers’ up early for work or to deal with a sudden deafening wail from a child or a cat. 

But I also really like late nights… When people are just chilling out and getting ready to sleep, already are asleep or are out on the town and ingesting enough alcohol to avoid going to work the next day on account of the ensuing sickness. 

I find these times oddly clear to think, it might be because of the empath in me, holding onto too much when the world is awake but I find it so much easier and clearer to think when there are less people in the world who are conscious. 

I really want to be a part of that 0.1% of the human race who are early risers and late burners of midnight oil… But I love sleep too much for that. 


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