The cake is not a lie…

I got given cake yesterday.

Nothing fancy, just a bltok, absurdly sugary chocolate cake with icing on.

It was obviously hand crafted and unfortunately when I came to take a photo it had already been squished in my bag.

(Originally you could actually see the icing but by the time I came to eat it,it was pretty flat and smooshed in its foil.)

But that doesn’t stop it from being an amazing thing. 

I am a teacher, so I’m more used to children disliking me for making them do something they don’t want to do. 

If I had been writing this at Christmas of last year I would have said it then as I got bought something then as well. 

But it made me feel incredible. 

I know that sometimes I can be hard, and I am aware that not everyone wants to do everything that I teach so it makes it quite hard to find out, for myself anyway, who actually enjoys the lessons.

Right up until someone does something like this. 

It made me incredibly happy. Even in my vastly sleep deprived and fatigued state, I felt amazingly happy.

That someone had actually gone out of their way to bring me a piece of cake. 

I know it’s a silly thing to get so happy about, as I know they had been to a party of some sort. But still…

(It was delicious… And incredibly stickey!) 

People often under-value acts of kindness like this. Preferring instead to go for grand ones that take much more time and energy. 

So, if you are somewhere, having cake and you have to go and pick someone up from somewhere, take some cake. It might just make their day… Provided they aren’t a diabetic. 


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