A confusing morning…

Sleep is very important… It should come as no surprise that I would happily marry my sleep if it were possible/legal… 
But because of my schedule and my terrible lack of a want to sleep at all times of a night, I occasionally find it difficult. 

But the one thing (Well OK several things) I need to remember from this;

  1. On a night time, no matter how you feel, always be prepared to sleep from about an hour earlier than you want to be asleep and yes this may involve sitting in the dark and thinking about stuff for a bit, like kittens.
  2. Whatever issues you have which may keep you awake and thinking about them, write them down and forget about them… Free up some RAM in your brain. 
  3. Don’t listen to excessively aggressive or out of context music, as then you will want to do other stuff rather than sleep. 
  4. Don’t do stuff which requires higher logical thinking an hour or so before bed (This one may only apply to me as I can’t even sleep with the TV on as it makes me think). 
  5. Probably something else knowing me…

I don’t know why I don’t seem to want to sleep on a night time, I try to make sure I am tired… I work six days a week and probably use the gym six days a week if not unwell. 

I travel an average of 17 miles per day; I honestly don’t know what else I can do to make myself sleepy…

(Yes… This is my cat… I wish I could sleep like him, he spends about 90% of his day asleep.) 

Unless I am over-exerting myself… That could be a possibility.

There are many things which are important but sleep is the importantest… Especially when you are missing it so often. 

Also yes I am aware that ‘importantest’ is not a word… 

But yes, I am fairly certain that eating late probably does not help, which I do try my best to avoid but sometimes I can’t help it.

I eat a lot, which I may have shared before, and sometimes it’s fairly hard to fit it all in with my day.

So I end up fitting in all the calories I missed during the day on an evening and it unfortunately leaves me with issues sleeping, that and I think about everything! 

Unfortunately it could also be because I have lost my routine at the gym for the most part recently. Ever since I fell ill I have been desperately trying to fit in everything I used to do. 

  1. Gym one day, probably focus on squats;
  2. Off the next;
  3. Then I’d be in the gym again to do bench press;
  4. Then I’d be off again;
  5. Then deadlift;
  6. Then off;
  7. Then start back at day one.

I don’t know why that had to be a numbered list but it did. I built up a hell of a routine like that, as I have a lot to focus on especially at the moment it made the most sense. 

And no… This is not an arbitrarily convoluted way out of feeling guilty about taking a nap.

I am hungry now… 

This has not been a very long blog so I will leave you with a picture describing how lazy my cat is and how sick of my shit he is…

(I believe that is the face of an animal who does not give a poop…)


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