Very loud music…

Very loud music is incredibly therapeutic if you are feeling angry, upset and confused as to make things feel a little better…

It doesn’t exactly matter what kind of music you listen to… As long as you actually enjoy listening to it. 

To me this was a bizarre mixture of Alestorm and Ninja Sex Party… But hey aside from acclectic tastes in music, as well as this list includes about 50% of the bands I actually like… 

I mentioned this in an earlier entry, essentially let me summarise the entire entry in one sentence; I’m very picky about what I expose my ears to and I may have autism.

But when you just don’t want to think about anything, and you don’t know how to sort the issues out (Likelihood is you are too tired to be dealing with it in the first place). Then there is nothing more therapeutic than listening to some of your favourite music at a frankly deafening volume and watch the world zip by.

(A moment of brevity; one of my friends bought me this mug for my birthday… And I am a grown ass man… I thought it was fetching…)

But I have some bad news…

You can’t escape things like this forever eventually you have to face whatever it is which is eating you, it could be a simple issue like sleep (As with me) or it could be a far more complex existential issue, as I have seen claim so many people.

You have to deal with it eventually and the longer you ignore it the longer it has to fester… And a problem which has fostered unchecked for weeks, months or even years is so much harder to deal with than one you are having right now.

As problems which have stayed with th you, you know how to live with, once you no longer have it your body will be looking for the next ‘fix’ of negative emotions…

As you would have lived with it for so long your body no longer knows how to survive without that issue at the back if your mind and will search out for something to fill it’s place. 

No life does not get easier from there… 

You have to face up to every problem along the way otherwise you will end up a broken shell of a human being who has no idea why they are crying…

A sad thing but it is true.

(Look at its majesticism… No it does not have rum in it… Although that is a good idea for next time…)

Little issues will be lost because bigger issues take focus, but unfortunately I have another piece of knowledge to lay on thine eyeballs… This is OK.

It is impossible to live without regret in some form but it’s equally impossible to live a life without meaning, even if the meaning is just personal.

There are far too many people strutting about pretending to be people they aren’t, taking up time and energy on some grand farce, but people often forget just living as you is amazing. 

Sounds cheesy and insincere but think about it, in a truly existential frame of mind. You are you, no one else is you, wouldn’t you rather be happy with you, than live some grand lie as somebody else? 

I got a little bit off topic but I think it’s important to do that from time to time… Let’s the brain breathe…


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