I seem to talk about sleep a lot…

Well this is going to be a fun day at work… My legs are now refusing to work again.

At least this time it is because I have trained the shit out of my legs. 

I missed the gym and I am getting back into my routine once more!

Cue the victory music! And a huzah! And some kind of rpg battle victory music complete with exp gain! 

I think I am starting to feel better…

I am even starting to have actual nights sleep again… Which I can tell you, feels God damn phenomenal! 

It makes me feel less homicidal at least which I think is a very good thing.

So I am going to say it again, humanity as a whole needs more sleep… Much more sleep than it actually gets. 

(The curtains protect me from the evil light!) 

Eight hours of uninterrupted slumber would be average, obviously a bit more for some people and a bit less for others 

Remember the delightful diagram I drew the other day with a bigger person having more space, the same principle applies… 

If you cannot, here is a bizarre sprawling I made in thirty seconds to remind you!

(Small people generally need less, and big people generally need more… GENERALLY!!!) 

Generally, not always however, a bigger person will need more sleep than a little person to feel good.

By a bit I don’t mean hours… I mean literally 10-20 minutes either way would work. Possibly half an hour at the most…

Yes, your brain can survive on as little as four to five hours sleep, however life is no longer just about surviving. 

Life hasn’t be just about surviving for centuries…

We want to enjoy life, well I certainly do and as I am a person I am going to presume that everyone else wants to as well.

Find their passion and explore it as much as is humanly possible before they wither and die.

I have already brought up the subject of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs but ‘self actualisation’ and ‘esteem’ are the last two parts of that pyramid at the top. 

(Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, simplified a bit…)

May I note that ‘sleep’ is under physiological needs at the bottom; the whole principle of the pyramid is that you cannot reach the next stage of the pyramid without filling up the stage below it.

Obviously it is possible to move onto the stage above without filling all of the needs of that stage but it is both difficult and consumes a lot of your brain power, meaning that you won’t be able to focus on whatever you have moved your brain onto as effectively.

Put more time into your day for sleep. Yes you may see it as eight hours wasted but your brain will thank you… 

Well in a while, some people are so used to the whole ‘lack of sleep’ way of doing things that it may take weeks or even months (Possibly even a year or two) to feel better.

If you want another reason to sleep more, it will reduce unreasonable insecurities and make you prettier… Remember beauty sleep is a real thing!!!

So in summary…

  1. Don’t force your brain to move on through the ‘levels’ too often as it won’t enjoy it. 
  2. Make sure you get enough sleep (Obviously food and the like are also important not just sleep).
  3. Set more time aside for sleep as sleep is so underrated. I don’t care if you can survive on less, you aren’t supposed to. 
  4. It may take some time to sort your sleep out, but don’t worry just persevere it will make you feel better and deal with life a lot better. 
  5. Beauty sleep is a real scientific thing now! 

Hope you had as much fun reading this as I had in making it… In a very dark room right after my sleep! 


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