Sleep is majestic… But that’s not what this one is about I promise! 

Well I think my brain is getting back into sleeping for longer periods of time again…

As when I fell asleep last night I had a bunch of alarms set from 6am to 7am… I only woke up for the 7am one… Even though there had been one going off every ten minutes for the past hour! 

I was so proud of me, I got up and I cooked food and everything without simultaneously wishing I was dead… So… Victory dance?

I bet you will be glad to know, however, that this entry is definitely not about food or sleep and I am actually going back into another subject altogether! 

So… Double victory dance?

I may have genuinely tried to find a victory dance gift but after realising that is not something you search for on the Internet I gave up and re-evaluate my life choices…

(Yes, I drew this terrible picture on an envelope I had lying around this morning… What of it?) 

But alas I guess I should stop dancing around the topic and actually get into what I wanted to talk about in this blog…

Actually… What was it that I wanted to talk about… I can’t suddenly remember. 

I would now normally go into the delightful subject of cheese and then digress for several thousand years and completely forget where I was… I feel genuinely uncomfortable with the amount of times I said ‘and’ in that sentence…


Oh yes… Two things. Well three things… 

Firstly, I have lost my headphones and currently have no idea how to human… I’m sure I will survive but I am going to miss my music and there is something missing when I listen to it out loud…

Secondly, I am going to be attending a course in Personal Training next week and I will be updating my blog everyday with what goes on during that week. 

Thirdly, someone has asked if I will join them in their rpg-ness (Table top rpg-ness, Dungeons and Dragons type malarkey), which will be interesting as I have always been fascinated by them but also simultaneous confused by then on account of the sheer terrifying amount of lore involved… So I’d better get to reading! 

So there is a change coming up and it will not all be incessantly existential… I promise…


Sorry for my absurd excitableness, I had a good gym session and I am currently off for pizza! 

(I have no idea why I am currently listening to dubstep aside from the fact that it is absurdly catchy!)

I will catch you all in the coming times! Peace out from this fairly schizophrenic entry!

Hopefully I will get more time to blog in the next few days, but on account of the fact I want to write more… This should happen naturally! 

Weeeee! Why am I so hyper? 


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