Stress is not a very caring mistress… 

It has taken me quite some time to get onto this topic but God only knows why on account of the fact that it is quite a prominent thing in everyone’s lives…

I am of course talking about that horrible sensation of stress. 

(Why is it so cold? Why is it so dark? Why am I awake? Why isn’t this illegal yet? And I am sure many other questions when my brain decides it wants to be awake…)

Everyone suffers from it to a more or less degree…

I don’t normally suffer stress at all. But unfortunately with my timetable wound so tight, if one thing is knocked off even by a little I can spend weeks catching back up and this invariably causes a lot of stress.

But stress is dumb, stress is caused when your body and mind is missing a few things on the baseline of the pyramid (Again look up Maslows Pyramid of Needs)… Obviously this is not always the case but enough times for it to be noted. 

The longer you live with a certain thing the harder it is to be without it when you do try to live without it.

It’s not nice but it’s one of the prices we pay living in today’s world. 

Stress is reactionary, it’s rarely a logical response. You can be stressed and not logically understand why, it’s not a problem, just something people deal with in their own way.

My horror stories with reactionary stress involve hunger… And that’s about it. I become nigh on impossible to be around if I am hungry. I dislike being hungry. 

(Home-made chicken teriyaki; my current obsession… After peanut butter chicken of course…)

I cannot explain what happens effectively; biologically I have some understanding and even evolutionarily I understand a little but I dislike having no control over it… 

So I guess it is not a case of not explaining it or understanding it… More a case of not liking it.

But there are many things which are very human which I would like the live without, like anger and depression. We would be so much more evolved past now if we had any measure of control over these emotions and reactions…

Maybe we should be Vulcan… That would be certainly interesting… Although they only have sex like once every four years or something… Which would really suck ass… And to be fair probably decrease their life expectancy, not increase it. 

The amount of testosterone on their planet must be astronomical… And yes… Pun very much intended. Extra points if you can guess where the pun was…

But regardless of all the delightful Star Trek references, I do not like stress. 

It is caused by simple to avoid problems as well. 

Not like the highly complex, monstrous things we build up in our minds, not like logical or understandable problems. 

As they are understood by the logical side of the brain and are not solely reactionary…

But again this is something I will get into with much more detail at another point as they are interesting too!

(Teriyaki and coconut fried rice! See, I do eat carbs too!)

Oh, and today is the first day of my course so I guess I will let everyone know how day one goes tomorrow! 

It may possibly be disastrous but I guess we will find out when it happens, I am always willing and able to keep an open mind… 

In most things anyway… When I am not hungry or tired… And provided they aren’t stupid… Or closed minded; set in their ways… I am suddenly not so sure it will be OK… But to be fair at my last one I was lucky enough to be put with some very good people. 

Regardless. I am certain it will be fun… At least partially…

Also, final point I promise! Is it me or is it colder now than it was in December!? 

Shutting up now! 


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