Day 01: (Insert witty name here)

So, on the bus in the absurdly early hours just outside the city centre, I wonder why am I alive? 

Then I remember that I was the one who actually wanted to do this… Then I laughed at myself. 

Not openly of course… 

I need to keep up my charade of being normal… And something tells me that laughing out loud to myself in the middle of a depressingly busy part of town at that time in the morning may get me stabbed. 

My feet were cold and my hair was everywhere, I looked, bleary-eyed, around, trying to remember both why I was there and why I cared enough to be awake at this un-godly hour…

Side note: Not that my hair being out of place was abnormal, just somethin I wanted to mention; I look something like an unkempt barbie doll that’s been in the attic for years, and also had its hair shortened considerably… To be honest barbie probably wasn’t a great comparison. If you’ve ever seen a photo of the writer Neil Gaiman, you will be closer to how my hair currently looks.

But to think… I was considering cycling to my course today… It’s like -3 centigrade outside… That probably would have been a bad idea to be honest, or hilarious… As long as you understand I mean hilarious for the people passing by my frozen carcass. 

Side Note 2: I use ellipses a lot don’t I? 

Side Note 3: I actually had to look up the plural for ellipsis… Latin is a wierd language.

People do not enjoy talking much in a morning… But then again everyone looks so happy in a morning. If you didn’t grasp the sarcasm there I fear for you. 

Anyway, I was trying to have an actual point with this blog and I was not trying to talk for hours on end about how much early mornings blow… As I am fairly certain that 99.9% of the world already knows that… 

(There are some very tall buildings around here… Also the light in the photo is a reflection of the lights on the bus. I tried like 17-times to get one without but it never worked…) 

So yes, my course… What could I say about today? 

I also happened to run into a dude I was doing my course with on the bus. But upon entering the building and sitting down as everyone arrived, I realised two things.

First was the fact that I am surrounded by meat heads… 

Second and most astonishing was the fact that I am a meat head! Well sort of… 

(I was very studious today and made copious amounts of notes… My only issue is would I remember them?)

I also, on another entirely seperate note, managed to be an idiot and change my diet to something bizarre (Intermittent fasting, I will explain later) before today…

Now I am not too certain as to whether I am hungry or not but I very much miss the sensation of chewing.

As I am not hungry per se…

Anyway, it was an interesting day. Filled with gigantic people and lots of very big words… I would remember more and possibly explain more if I wasn’t so hungry…

I would happily eat a lamppost right now…


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