Day 02: I actually learned a thing! 

I am feeling much better today, I have had a bit more sleep and my diet is in line… Obviously I have a few kinks to work out but it is working for now! 

I had approximately 2000 calories for my food on the bus home from my course yesterday, sorry about the minor embolism which may have occurred, and about 250g of porridge with four scoops of whey (Oddly enough for the flavour more than anything else)…

But then someone offered to buy me some food which I would never have turned down…

First rule of being me; never turn down free food.

(Today’s omnomnoms… Points if you can guess why I fry the rice in the pan the chicken was in…)

Oh and also, I thought I had better prove that I am genuinely getting up super early for this course thing so I took a photo of the sky whilst waiting for my bus.

(A typical cold, wet and rain-filled British morning… Yay…) 

So I at least had another 2000 calories easily on the night time. This way is quite easy for me as I often neglect to eat and love eating loads at once. 

At least this way I know I am hitting my macros and my daily calorie goal, plus I can just focus on one or two meals and make them amazing!

But knowing me I will probably change it when I can’t see anymore of the benefits or simply feel like I need to change what I eat again…

This happens quite often, as I want to change for things or a way of eating has too many negatives to be a feasible idea, or something similar… Then I change it back to eating like four or five meals a day or move onto another idea.

I suppose in a sense this makes me something of a scientist, well a personal scientist… Well I guess ‘scientist’ is a title more than a personality type, but I do like to experiment with myself and see what works. 

It is often how I cope with some of the absurd amounts of boredom I suffer from sometimes, that no amount if YouTube or doing silly things will help. 

Plus I spend a lot of time reading facts as well as fiction. Like did you know that a trained silverware Gorilla could deadlift around 815kg (That’s about 1800lbs if your American), but the world’s strongest man Eddie Hall broke the record recently with a 500kg deadlift (Again, around 1100lbs of your American). After which he burst blood vessels in his head and you can imagine the issues that’s going to cause. 

If you haven’t heard of Eddie Hall I’d recommend having a look as he is a terrifying human being. 

Anyway, moving on…

(Yet more notes on this type of malarkey!)

The wierd sensation of needing food in my mouth hasn’t been quite so hard today, but it is still there… Like a strange and annoying itch, one that I can’t quite scratch.

It might be because I actually had rest last night that can probably be described as actual sleep, life as a general rule is much better today…

Still confusing of course as I am currently learning and occasionally have no idea what is being said but I am learning… That should count for something… I mean human beings are good at that… Or so I’m told.

But that was an epic day, my feet hurt and now I don’t have to be tested on Fartleck CV exercise. As I have already done that now, caput, it has been finished. 

Side note: Trust me I giggled at the word too when I first heard it, it just means randomised. Like if you are doing CP (Creatine Phosphate) cardio (Or CV CP, for some reason that makes me feel childish to say), basically sprinting so hard you are dying, you do random intervals, so they sprint for 10 seconds and break for 30… Then after the break you make them do 15 seconds work, then 45 break… And you can vary work and rest, as long as it is still highly intensive CP work. The activity and rest follows a rule (1:3).

I have done one of these course before so I think I am getting a little more used to the style of learning which goes on… But knowing my luck I will choose a completely differently styled course next and have to learn all over again… 

But hey that’s part of the fun… Well either that or it is a part of the stress of life! 

(I spend an awfully large amount of time on public transport… I really should invest in some kind of car-type thing…)

Anyway… I am on the way home now, stuffing my face with as much food as I can fit in my face-hole and already considering what else I will be able to omnom. 

But, yes…

So that was a joyful day, made even more amazing by the fact I brought food with me and I am off to the gym when I get home… 

Today is a good day to be me… 


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