Day 03: One more day of terrible sleep remaining!

I am more than certain that back day was more than a few days ago now yet my back and my legs are still sore from it! 

Also what am I doing being awake at 6am again!? Have I mentioned I don’t get up this early ever? As I really should have by now…

(In am effort to further solidify the fact that it is pitch black when I wake up, this is a photo from my kitchen window whilst I make my food for the day!)

I also put peanut butter into tomatoes (Plus mixed herbs, garlic and chilli) this morning to marinate my chicken to give it a different type of flavour… I really miss things like sweet potato and other perishable things… Well really things which don’t taste great when they are cold. 

I prefer to eat hot sweet potato… I am not entirely certain how that is relevant but hey…

(Even my dog thinks it is far too early to be alive…) 

So I am over the half way point in this delightful journey through learning things… I may have also discovered a time I prefer to be awake at… Before everyone, well mostly everyone, else… I just need sleep beforehand. 

Which is ironic isn’t it? I love sleeping very late and I love waking up super early, if I didn’t feel like death for the oncoming day life would be much better…

Anywho… I just need a lot of caffeine then…

I did even more learning, this time about sets and the disturbingly large variation that they encompass… As well as challenged a dude to do a horrific set of 21’s at deadlift, which he easily managed leaving me feeling like a tiny person. 

These weren’t super light either, these were 60kg and 80kg (132lbs and 176lbs) respectively, so aside from me failing to set an adequate challenge for today it was a rollicking success…

(Yet more notes… Although I still need to sort out another colour of pen for tomorrow… As I have differentiated all of the days by colour… I guess we will see!)

Thankfully we didn’t have to go onto the second exercise we had planned, as what I had planned was a forced rep chest press, and I had a sneaking suspicion it would have been nigh on impossible to find a weight he couldn’t lift in that gym.

However now I am starting to see flaws in my eating plan, as when I come out of work my metabolism has slowed right down and I have to eat a lot more than I seem to want to equal the amount I need to eat to gain weight and happily go to the gym. 

Oh well… I am nothing if not someone who enjoys a good experiment…

Onwards to the next great adventure! 


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