Day 04: The final day is upon me… No apocalypse I am afraid though…

I probably should have known this was on the cards but I feel like a delightful mess this morning! I am so tired!

I am preparing for my day with a lot of caffeine and a lot of hope…

It is going to be my last one so hopefully I will  be able to maintain some level of decorum which I have exhibited in the past few days… 

But to be fair, who Knows? Hopefully I will survive, well it’s hardly going to matter if I do not?

Well that is fairly existential… 

Oh well it’s going to be one of those kind of days… Also my bus is super late now… 

(It is this kind of dark outside… Who would ever choose to be awake at this time… Unless you kill people… Or are getting sex… No one that’s who!)

Side Note: Is it super odd that all I want to do whilst standing behind someone is to make a uncomfortable noise? It’s probably a sign of ADHD (ADD if you are American) or psychosis maybe, I don’t really care…

Onwards with the day! 

I have decided to wear shorts today, simply because I like to wear shorts at the gym and something tells me today will be predominately in the gym…

I was going to say: ‘gods only know why I am wearing shorts’. But as I am fully aware as to why I put them on I am fairly certain that would be pointless to say.

Side Note 2: I am replacing my phone in the next few weeks, maybe you will have noticed a need to from the absolutely awful photographs I have been attaching to these posts. My phone died a few weeks ago and so I have been left with this… I think I mentioned it at the time actually. Anyway I am also getting a tablet and seeing if I can get it in the same deal. 

(What colour is my bag? Don’t worry there is an actual point to this question… Keep on reading to find out how many brain cells I murdered having this particular conversation this morning!)

I may have discovered today that I am very good with descriptions, well insulting descriptions at the very least…

As I described ‘aquamarine’ as a colour, to someone as two words essentially meaning water, human-centipeded together to describe a colour that is about as loose a definition for the colour of water (This side of the Atlantic, without chemical treatment) as the Russian’s used to have for an alcoholic drink. 

I feel as though this requires it’s own seperate paragraph but do not look the Human Centipede up… It is not then nicest of films. Those who have been reading for a while should know my delightful fascination with understatement. 

Moving on! 

But yes as I said earlier it is my last day on the course today which is more than a little upsetting to me as I have enjoyed it…

Don’t get me wrong I am perfectly OK with not getting up at 6am every morning and leaving at 06:30-07:00 but I have enjoyed the actual learning part of it all.

I think I may have also discovered what kind of PT I want to be. As I never just want to be generic, I don’t just want money from a job, I want an adventure! 

But I think I am going to become a flexibility specialist or something related to parkour or gymnastics. This is because I have been a gymnast, a trampolinist and a freerunner for the better part of the past 12 years. I have super terrifying amounts of energy and I love the sports. 

It’s not a definitive plan yet, just one I have ticking over in my brain. I am already a Gymnastics, Trampolining and Freestyle coach so it will mostly be a case of translating skills from one area to another… But I am still mulling it all over. 

It is a fascinating area as it is still quite a new area of work, a lot of things may now be getting refined but there is still so much room for growth and flexibility (Pardon the pun). 

If you are interested in powerlifting and have knowledge as to technique and competitions etc, you can market yourself as a powerlifting coach. This is a part of what has made this journey so exciting for me… I can’t wait to see what happens next…

Anyway, I have been going on for a while now, I guess I should try to explain my day… In some respect. Before my brain gives out and I explode. 

Again I worked with gigantore to do some fairly basic things with stretches and core work… As well as the fact that core work was not solely ab work was drilled so far jnto my head I’m fairly sure that I have a hole in my head now…

But now begins the doing of coursework… Bahahahaha! 

Knowing me I will leave it up until theast possible moment and then just spend 36 hours plowing through it all in preparation for my final exam…

After which I wl finely be a qualified PT! Woop! 


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