I really shouldn’t write these in stages… 

I finally have a brand new phone and it is amazing!

I also got myself a tablet and probably doomed myself to poorness this month consequently…

But as I had a terrible phone and no computer I needed to do something about it… So I finally did. 

(LOOK AT THE IMMENSE MAJESTY OF ITS CAMERA! It makes me weep with how awesome it is, as this is basically the whole reason why I got my last phone… Its camera…)

I really missed fast technology… Although I do have to remember to actually be careful with it, I mean this is why I got insurance on this as well as my tablet as I am terrified of this stuff exploding. 

But that doesn’t stop the necessity to be careful… I need to be more careful in a lot of things, even in the gym, if I’m not careful then my form suffers… And depending on the lift, it can suffer badly.

Theres a video somewhere on the internet of some poor womens legs snapping backwards on the leg press in a gym because of bad form… Many people hate the video so I wont link to it, but it is grim.

Basically there is a lesson on ‘soft joints‘ when you are in the gym, especially if you are lifting heavy. 

Don’t worry the above link is not to the terrifying video. 

My eventual goal is to move this blog onto my new tablet/laptop (Aside from anything else because it has more data so I can do that on the move) as then it will feel less like a side project as it does now and more like an actual thing I invest my time and energy into. 

As it may suprise some people but I am actually enjoying this… 

(I am actually a little disturbingly arroused at how epic this camera is… But aside from this bus journeys are looooooong.)

If I was asked why I started to write this… I probably wouldn’t have an answer for you other than the fact that I enjoy writing.

I like writing, this is hopefully obvious from the amount I write at all hours of the day. 

Yes, I do also happen to love physical fitness, strength and I guess all around happiness, as this is the point of life I figure. 

But hey now I am just talking nonsense and that is not a terribly good idea.

I have unfortunatly neglected to eat properly today and so now I am paying the price. As I am too hungry and too tired to do anything about it now… I will have to do something though as I find it hard to sleep when I am hungry. 

Anyway, desperately trying to stay on topic, and avoid shimmying over somewhere I cant think clearly around, I will- nope I need food.

Peace out! 


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