I’m hungry… If you couldn’t tell…

That is much better… I can see my food cooking now and this alone is enough to make me feel instantly happier… I should probably get this seen to at some point.

(Food glorious food! It is the most amazing thing in all of creation as far as I am concerned…)

I should never try and push myself anywhere if I havent eaten as I become some kind of grotesque, mean version of myself.

So I decided to make a full on meal for myself this morning… And promised to not let myself get quite that hungry again.

I demolished an entire packet of chicken nuggets (32) and an entire packet of sweet potatoe wedges last night and its left me feeling disoriented this morning yet mysteriously, still hungry…

(All the ingredients for teriyaki chicken, just added coconut oil and took out the soy sauce…) 

Anyway, getting back onto the subject of what I did a about two days ago… 

Obviously it makes me feel awesome when I understand something physical that occurs on a biological or chemical level and understand the reasoning as to why it has occured.

Such as how, why and when your muscles become sore due to work, we all know they do it, it is just really nice to have some understanding as to how and why this happens. 

Hopefully that makes sense, as I have a terrible habit of making a point and not completing it. 

I will be doing the nutrition side of my course as well in the coming month… 

Now this is part of the whole reason as to why I signed up for the course in the first place…

I am fascinated with food, if it wasn’t already obvious from the sheer plethora of entries I have written on the subject of food.

I mean I know the eat well plate isnt great and as far as I know it was designed by a vegan in the first place so rhere is probably  going to be at least some bias in it…

But I am more interested in macros, GI’s (Glycemic Index), vitamins, minerals, clean food (I am a little skepticle if this is even a thing) and to be honest, probably many other things.

Food is such an important thing to humanity yet comparatively we understand so little about it.

It has always been a thing that we have just pushed it aside so we can just learn or discover new things without realising that it can help, if only we understand it a little better…

But then again I guess I come from a generation that dreamt of having all of our required food in tablet form… Showing a lack of a want to understand the stuff that keeps us alive…

(I mean aside from sunshine (which is definately not in this photo), water (Which definitely is), shelter, sleep and other slughtly more gross processes…)

We should care more, I know we are kept alive on the basest of nutrition but we really should want to know more than that, I’m not saying that I am the only one but I’m sure scholars on the subject would agree with me when I say in comparison to most other scientific areas food is not understood a great deal.

I know we have our priorities and stuff but could we maybe devote some more time to understanding how and why food works and how to make it better…


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