Anti-sociability plus logic equals even more fear of people…

You will always see or you will always find what you are looking for…

But by that I don’t mean you will find treasure if you keep looking… But to be honest you probably will, persistence is a rather underrated characteristic…

But what I mean is if someone thinks they are ill and I mean really, genuinely thinks they are, they will become ill. If someone believes with all of their heart that they can reach 200kg on deadlict, chnaces are they will eventually reach it. 

But I am not only here to discuss the seemingly terrifyingly underated ability of ones own mind to push us that little bit further in life to get what we want; to endure all of the bad stuff to come out the other side victorious. 

I am also here to discuss our minds own ability to sabotage progress.

I am fully aware that I speak of the mind and the brain as if they are entirely seperate and conscious in their own respect. 

(I live in quite a pretty area to be perfectly honest…) 

I often speak of logic and reason, as if they are seperate to the baser animal desires but this is untrue. 

I am once again going to reference Maslows Pyrimid of Needs, as it rather elegantly encapsulates what I mean in one sense. 

That the baser urges and instincts of the brain have to be sorted out before any higher functions can be dealt with. 

The baser animal functions, sleep, food, plowing, and other more gross things have to be seen to before you can move up the pyrinid, this is the baser animalistic desires I was regerencing before.

Once these have been seen to then you can move onto the higher levels of logic and reason, forcing your brain past a point it is lacking will not do you any good as a part of your brain will always be focussing on that part. 

So they are not seperate, more, at different stages along the same continuum. 

Wow I went full psychology nerd there… Anyway, I simply felt it needed a little clarification as I am usually too busy getting into my next point… I am going to find the editing process a nightmare arent I? 

You know when I actually finally get there…

(So I may have put mango yoghurt into my chicken… I guess we will discover today if it was a good idea or not.) 

But swinging back around to the actual point of this entry is that I think logic obviously has flaws, especially when your only other evidence for something comes from TV or the news, not that these people don’t exist per se, more that they are often times exagerated beyond their original properties making them seem monstrously different. 

So if you are anti-social my advice is to actually keep talking to people, one or two is fine, you dont need many. Nust someone who can level your view of humanity a little as there is so much misery in the media.

I would have put ‘at the moment’at the end of that sentence but as humans have a negativity bias, I am safely going to assume it has mostly always been like that.

Obviously there will be acceptions but acceptions dont prove rules.


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