Gym, travelling, writing and the majestic gf…

I like my new gym thing… I create a plan the day before and I go to carry it out two days later…

There is probably a lesson about being prepared in here somewhere but knowing me I will immediately forget it. 

I feel as though I am back to accomplishing stuff in the gym, even though it is not really strength based anymore and is much closer to endurance based…

But it is helping to correct a lot of the issues I have had with my form over the past few months, so it is doing good. 

Also that mango chicken thing I made yesterday… Incredible.

(It was so amazing, I made it again today, and put even more spice in! Also I have no idea why I settled for a super close up shot… Meh.) 

The only issue with doing things this way is that it can easily fall apart, one wrong move and bam… Thats it. It all unravels and it is difficult to put all of the pieces back together into who you were. 

This is blatently the reason for growth, people dont quite remember how they go together anymore so they try to reassemble themselves how they think they should be and end up accidently making themselves better… Or worse.

This is blatently the reason why vanity used to be frowned on… And not at all because people go jeallous… That was sarcasm if you didnt quite catch that. 

(Doing work on the train is suprisingly useful… And fun… I think that might mean I’m a nerd…) 

Anyway, I am visiting my girlfriend, yes she lives a long way away from me, and I am so excited to finally see her again. 

We are organising it so we see each other more often than we have done in the past few months as it has driven us both mad.

But the internet is not really thst interested in happy stories as far as I am aware so I will keep this brief. Hehe… Brief. 

It may only be a day I can go and see her for but to be fair as long as we sort time to see each other more often I am happy. 

I miss her a lot. I didnt really realise until I got on the train this evening and began heading there. 

Anyway, yes, as promised I will move on…

I finally have a computer, well tablet/computer hybrid thing. So hopefully this blogging thing, will move over to there in the coming weeks.

So I will have somewhere I can focus on my blogs and my writing, as it feels like I havent done any normal writing in so long. 

I started this blog (Again) so that I would write more, not less…

(Possibly one of the most relaxing scenes I can think of…) 

So I an going to try and fit at least a little writing, well a little more in any case, into my day. 

I actualy want to be a writer despite the fact that my brain is consistently distracted by many other shiny things in my day. 

But a lot of the time I think it is just me burying my head, not wanting to do it in fear of failure. 

But that is a complicated issue from the word go as who would I be failing if I actually sat, wrote and published something? 

No one. Even if I self publish it, I would be happy… I guess I am just being silly with the whole thing.

But then again what am I not silly with? 


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