Recovery time… Again…

I am going to have to recover again…

I need to plan around obvious times I need to recover…

‘Obvious times’ as in, waking up at 5am travelling nearly 300 miles, to go to a job which I spend my whole day at, I am then surprised by the fact that I cant seem to summon the energy to go to the gym at around half eight at night…

To be fair yesterday I did like nearly 17,000 steps, which is big for me as at the moment I have issues getting above like 8,000 normally, as everything I need is rather close… Including buses into town.

So I should just be thankful for small favours and move on… Thankful of the fact that I have neither collapsed nor died yet.

(Yoghurt, lemon, pepper and chilli chicken… I cooked this at around 6am this morning as I have another delightful day today…) 

(Which sort of just became some sort of risotto in the end… And to ve fair quite a tasty one at that… Spicey too!)

So I am probably going to use the next few days to recover, doing my work (To be fair I could ready use the time to do this), setting up my new plans for the gym and generally trying to relax…
There is seriously no point in heading to the gym if you are distracted as you need to put 100% effort into the gym… If you aren’t feeling it just take a day or two and get back to it.

But this is all leading to a point… I promise despite what it may sound like.

Sleep is important for your overall health if you are lacking in sleep it is hard to be healthy overall, takes too much thought and concentration, ultimately leaving you feeling miserable. 

I think I promised to stop harping on about sleep a while ago didn’t I? Oh well broken promise! 

But that works out lovely as that is not the main thing I was going to talk about… I was going to talk about something else… Not entirely unrelated but still…
That something was the importance of food. 

Side Note: When you can see the moon high in the sky and still prominent… Then it is not morning. 

By food I don’t mean that you eat, yes it is important that we eat but it is not just that but also the kind of things we eat.

Now im not going to perpetuate the ‘eat well’ plate as that is total crap. Well not total crap, we should eat more veg and the like. It also gives you an idea of what I am going to be saying.

(This particular kind of madness, itc has a lot of merits, which is probably the reason it has existed for so long, but it also has its draw backs… Like the fact it hasn’t really been updated much since I learned it as a child… So take from that what you will…)

Eating takeaway everyday may be a sign of financial salience, and it may work wonders when you are tired and the like. But the amount people who eat it is worrying, same with artificially sweet things. 

I am saying this because I basically survived yesterday on cookies and coffee, oh and an underwhelming chicken burger half way through my day. 

But by the end of it I felt disgusting and rotten, tired yet hyper… I would rather never do that again. 

People don’t really seen to put much stock in internal pain or internal suffering, probably because it is not visual and we are just not evolved enough as a species yet for it to occupy a bigger part of our brain.

But I do. Internal pain is a much bigger issue than we ever let on. 

Emotional scars are literally the foundation of internal pain and it only grows from there.

No, I don’t think we will ever see a day where we eradicate internal pain, just like we will never see a day where war naturally becomes obsolete. 

But awareness breeds progress, and mass awareness breeds massive progress… 

Anyway, lack of sleep is horrible. The amount of people who just brush it away if you have showed up, forget that it was damn hard to show up, and even harder to stay. 

It is very upsetting. But we will never be done evolving… Of this I can be sure, mainly because the human race as a rule, has gotten taller, denser yet thinner bones, a larger brain and sexual characteristics are becoming more prominent… 

If that is not enough evidence for evolution I actually don’t know how to combat that level of ignorance.

If you hadn’t guessed, I had poor sleep and a poor diet yesterday resulting in a very tired me. 

But that was only one (Well two really) days of poor food and sleep and I have already been reduced to a mumbling mess with a terrible memory. 

Although doing stuff all day does actually tire be out to make me sleep better… Although that may be more the responsibility of my lack of sleep… I guess we will find out later on! 

Possibly not today however as one again I feel like I an gripping onto the edge of consciousness with nothing but my nails… But that may be because I an sitting down and officially once again doing nothing.


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