This is it… My brand new computer!

Well I have now swapped over to my computer and I have to say several things…

Firstly that writing on here will be so much simpler, plus this way I may not actually end up writing so many incorrect, auto-corrected words but also there is a spell check on here and the screen is a lot bigger so… Yay!

Any-who… Yes…

Secondly, it feels so much more pretty and official as I feel I bought this laptop for the soul purpose of writing this blog (And writing in general). I mean obviously there were other reasons for it too, like I have to have a computer for my course otherwise I am gonna have to keep printing everything which will actually be a nightmare.

Side Note: I was very sleepy when I printed my coursework book for the course I was on the other week, and so it printed out one side per page and so now I have like 100 pages which could have easily been cut down considerably… But hey…

Thirdly and finally, I have always wanted to carry my laptop around with me… Well, when it was still alive and not absurdly bloated from so much porn. But it was too large and bulky to carry with me everywhere very practically, it was heavy and I kept hitting it with my leg and was always worried I would smash it.

I oddly enough don’t have that sort of worry with this one, well yet anyway. It is much smaller than a laptop and at the moment I am just transporting it around in its retail packaging so I don’t have to worry just yet, I need to see if I can find a case or a really small laptop bag for it really…

Side Note 2: I have noticed that because my screen is bigger sentences seem to look smaller and so I try to make them much bigger, almost subconsciously… It is bizarre.


(How cosy does this setup look now? I feel proud of the fact that I finally did something kind of specifically for my writing…)

But alas moving on unfortunately…

Also, unfortunately, something has been happening everyday so far this week that I have not really shared with you yet. I have been waking up at five in the morning every morning to get ready to leave for work around half past six, so I can get a bus into town and then another bus from town to another town.

I know that sentence makes little to no sense without context but suffice to say the journey is about 19 miles and takes, two and a half hours. As we should all know that busses are not the greatest form of public transport in terms of speed.

Its not the hardest thing to do in the whole universe but we should know by now that my brain is seriously not wired to get up early ever never mind for a full week!

Side Note 3: What kind of a person stocks a vending machine with nothing but healthy alternatives for sweets and junk?


(Don’t worry this time the reference is not entirely without context… And I know Jaffa Cakes, aren’t exactly healthy or crisps but my point is there is a reduced sugar content in most of these things and at the time (As I had been awake for about 20 hours by this point) is very low, I  reserve the right to be appalled… Plus this was at a sports centre, I mean I know we are trying to be healthy but… Jeez.)

Anyway, I had better wrap this up and leave soon or else I may go mad! So hopefully the next blog entries from here will have a lot more thought involved or at least have less loose ends…

Ciao ragazzi!


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